The Ultimate Father’s Day Game Plan
The Ultimate Fathers Day Game Plan With Illuminent


Fatherhood – it’s a wild rollercoaster of joy, elbow grease, and priceless life lessons, sprinkled with a dash of “What on earth just happened?” At the heart of it all, there’s you, Dads – the silent superheroes, fueled by love, braving the journey one day at a time. Your commitment is like a 24/7 beacon, illuminating a better tomorrow for your loved ones. 

And we see you, dads, reaching out, your voices filled with concern as you seek relief for your families. Your sighs of relief when our hemp-based products hit the mark are like music to our ears. 

Listen up, Super Dads! Time to unclip that cape, kick back, and recharge those superhero batteries. Remember, rest isn’t just an indulgence; it’s a mission-critical part of your super-dad strategy. So, come, and celebrate Father’s Day with us. Unmask the world of hemp and rediscover your superpowers with our customized bundles and promotions. 

If you’re hunting for the ultimate Father’s Day gift, you’ve just hit a bullseye! Our product line-up and tailor-made deals have something for every Dad’s alter-ego. Whether it’s his quest for Zen, his pursuit of the elusive 8-hour sleep, or a simple way to kick back and relax, our gifts are the ultimate sidekicks. 

So here’s to you, dads! The handymen, the confidants, the mentors, the nocturnal story weavers, and the superheroes in everyday clothes. Your journey deserves a standing ovation and a well-earned breather. So pull up a chair, put your feet up, and let’s raise a toast to the unsung heroes.  

Delta-9 Groovy Gummies

Groovy Gummies for fathers day blog

Retail Price: $25.00
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Our Groovy Gummies are for the Rad Dads who are young at heart, always seeking a splash of fun amid their relaxing routine. The rhythm of fatherhood beats with a yearning for peace, pleasure, and enjoyment. D9 Groovy Gummies are a treat for dads who appreciate life’s little pleasures – someone who craves a therapeutic ride, sprinkled with fun. Perfect for those open-minded adventurers, looking for a flavorful, potent experience to spark their senses. 

We whipped up our Groovy Gummies with a clear mission: to present a zesty ride, impeccably melding flavor, and peace. Indulgence without a second thought. Let Groovy Gummies transport you to a haven of relaxation and positive vibes. With each super tasty 20mg gummy, you’re the captain of your journey, savoring the thrill of a naturally delicious treat that aligns with your lifestyle. 

  • Each jar packs 10 mouth-watering gummies, laden with 20mg of THC, totaling 200mg per jar.  
  • Relish the tangy tastes of Sour Watermelon, Blueberry Lemonade, Strawberry, and Peach.  
  • Our gummies are more than tasty treats – they’re non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and vegan-friendly, devoid of any preservatives.  

Why Dad Needs All 3 Jars

Every dad deserves a sweet escape, and our Groovy Gummies are just the ticket. Whether he’s unwinding after a long day or seeking a burst of flavor on a lazy afternoon, these gummies are the ideal companions. Each jar represents a new flavor adventure waiting to be embarked upon, an invigorating journey to a state of bliss. It’s not just about the taste – it’s about the experience, the moment of ‘special peace’ amidst life’s lovely adventures. 

Delta-9 THC is a remarkable cannabinoid. This cannabinoid can also encourage a sense of euphoria and well-being. Isn’t it high time Dad gets to savor the extraordinary benefits of Delta-9 THC in a deliciously groovy way?  

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Spend $100 on Full Spectrum CBD, and Get a FREE CBD Cartridge

Full Spectrum cbd Cartridges

Retail: CBD tinctures starting at $50; CBD carts $29

Father’s Day Deals:

Purchase $100 or more from our Essentials Line and get a FREE CBD Cart! – that’s $29 in savings!

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Our Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures are for the hard-working superhero dad. It’s for those who seek balance, restoration, and a moment of tranquility amidst the chaos of everyday life. Whether you’re a seasoned CBD enthusiast or exploring the world of cannabinoids for the first time, our Full Spectrum CBD products are here to support you on your journey.  

Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Our in-house extracted Full Spectrum CBD tinctures are the secret to unlocking the ‘Entourage Effect’ – the harmony that arises when cannabinoids unite like a well-oiled superhero team. They come flavored with purpose, utilizing custom-blended MCT oils for smoother digestion, certified organic flavors, and terpenes to heighten your overall rendezvous with wellness, and a steady release of cannabinoids to keep you at equilibrium. 

Full Spectrum CBD Cartridges

Our CBD cartridges are like a melody of flavors and aromas from the choicest cannabis strains, designed to take your relaxation and well-being to new heights – without the high. Think of these as six distinct chapters in your journey of revitalization:
1. Durban Poison: The energy booster
2. Tangie: The mood lifter
3. Strawnana: The sweet balancer
4. Orange Cream #26: The bliss bringer
5. King Louie XIII: The stress reliever
6. Granddaddy Purple: The tranquility inducer

Why Dad Needs This Deal

Every superhero needs his trusty utility belt, and this deal is just the thing for dads who skillfully juggle from boardroom boss to BBQ master, from family driver to master of bedtime tales. Our Full Spectrum CBD products are here to restore mind and body, give relief, and help him switch off after a day of dad duty. Just a few drops or a mild puff, and he’s powered up to save the day yet again! And here’s the cool part: CBD doesn’t cause a high but is famed for alleviating stress, promoting relaxation, and supporting sleep – all the perks with zero mind fog.  

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Spend $100 on The Vibe Line, and Get a FREE Delta 8 Cartridge (21+)

The Vibe Line Tinctures

Retail: The Vibe D8 tinctures start at $35; D8 carts start at $25

Father’s Day Deals:

Purchase $100 or more from our Vibe Line and get a FREE Delta-8 Cart! – that’s $25 in savings!

FREE Shipping on Orders $100+!! Free cartridge automatically added to your order upon shipping

Our Vibe Line is for the Dad who’s young at heart but could really use a nap, this deal is a total touchdown! All the fabulous fathers, whether they’re your partner, your own old man, or a fatherly figure in your life, The Vibe Line is the perfect way to say “Thank you for everything you do”.  

The Vibe Line Delta-8 Tinctures

Revive, Unwind, and Melt – our power trio of D8 Tinctures, each boasting its own level of happiness. Crafted in our state-of-the-art in-house lab, each drop sends an ‘entourage effect’ of cannabinoids on a mission to balance your body’s endocannabinoid system. Each D8 tincture is stress relief in a bottle, a mood booster, a mind calmer, and a lullaby for a good night’s sleep with the hopeful promise of a rejuvenated morning. Delta-8 is your federally legal, hemp-derived elixir to bliss – creating a symphony of gentle yet potent psychoactive effects that uplift your mood and stir joy.  

Delta-8 Cartridges

Our Delta 8 Cartridges are designed to be a simple, convenient solution, packing the potent punch of Delta 8 THC. Each cartridge, with its unique strain profile from a selection of 14, offers a distinct blend of effects. Sourced legally from hemp, Delta-8 engages your endocannabinoid’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, inducing a controlled psychoactive response that elevates mood and enhances relaxation. They’re the perfect companion for cannabis enthusiasts seeking bold terpene flavors and comprehensive effects. With our Delta 8 Cartridges, you’re in for a journey of euphoria and full-bodied experiences. 

Why Dad Needs This Deal

Because no one deserves a break more than the dad who wears all the hats! The Vibe Line is ready to be the hero this Father’s Day, offering the tranquil and soothing effects of Delta-8 THC. It’s a spa day for the mind, helping dad relax and lift his spirits after long days of dad-ing. And our Delta 8 Cartridges? They’re here to provide a deep dive into the world of exciting flavors and potent effects, turning the fatherly downtime into a bona fide cannabis adventure. And hey, with this deal, you get to pamper your dad and save a pretty penny! We call that a double victory! 

Delta-8 THC is chemically different from Delta-9 THC by only a few atomic bonds and still offers a potent high of its own. While it’s not as powerful as Delta-9, Delta-8 THC is known to be more relaxing and less likely to trigger paranoia. 

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The Game Plan

Father’s Day is a special day when Dad gets to have it his way. Maybe not the most holistic reference, but to celebrate all the amazing dads out there, we’ve got the perfect protocol to make it an unforgettable Father’s Day – filled with relaxation, enjoyment, and good vibes! Make way for a day that’s all about appreciating the champion dads of the world and let’s plunge into a day that’s going to have him saying, “Best. Day. Ever.” 

Morning Boost

How about we kick off Dad’s day with a hefty dose of tranquility and self-indulgence? Imagine this: Dad, relaxing in his favorite armchair with a steaming cup of joe, some uplifting affirmations, and a moment of gratitude. Starting the day on a positive note is what we aim for! But there’s more, we sprinkle a little magic into the mix with our Full Spectrum tinctures. A dash of our Revive D8 tincture can elevate Dad’s spirits and add a euphoric spark to his morning routine. Talk about setting the stage for an exceptional day!  

  • 1ml Full Spectrum tinctures sublingually  
  • .50ml Revive D8 tincture sublingually 

Noon Oasis

Keep the good times rolling as the day blooms. Our game plan ensures Dad’s afternoon is bustling with feel-good vibes and some much-needed downtime. Picture Dad kicking back, conquering the midday slump, and wearing a grin from ear to ear. 

  • .25ml Revive D8 Tincture tincture sublingually (4MG THC, 8MG CBD)
  • 5-10 puffs of Full Spectrum CBD cart 

Evening Transition

As the evening arrives, it’s time for Dad to transition into a state of ultimate relaxation. Let’s create the perfect ambiance for him to unwind and let go of any stress. When the evening paints the sky with hues of orange and red, it’s time for Dad to ease into a state of supreme relaxation. We’ll help set up the ideal environment for him to let his hair down and wave goodbye to any stress. 

  • .25ml Unwind D8 tincture sublingually (17MG THC, 8MG CBG)
  • 5 puffs of D8 cart 

After Hours Wind Down

Now we’re in prime time for Dad’s well-deserved “me time”. Picture Dad sinking into a cushion of serenity and ultimate relaxation. 

  • 5 drops Melt D8 tincture sublingually
  • .5ml Full Spectrum CBD tincture sublingually 
  • 3-5 puffs of D8 cart 

Celebrate Father’s Day with Illuminent and take advantage of these special offers. They are more than just gifts; they are a message of care, love, and acknowledgment of their hard work. Most importantly, we wish every father a very Happy Father’s Day! 

Don’t forget to tag us @illuminent_life on Instagram and share your Father’s Day experiences with us. We love hearing how our products bring happiness and wellness into your lives! 

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