Choosing the Right Illuminent Product & How to Use It


How Much CBD Should I Use for My Health Concern? 

At Illuminent HQ, we get this question a lot, and understandably so. Information you can rely on about which hemp products are best for you specifically, how much of them to consume or apply, and how long it will take for you to reap the benefits of your amazing self-investment – it’s just hard to come by. 

Here’s the problem. Unfortunately, we are unable to ‘dose’ you for a specific health concern, but armed with the right education, you can still confidently choose which Illuminent hemp-based products to start with, how to discern the strengths and labels on the bottles and understand how to get started using them. 

2 Main Reasons You’re Searching For Hemp Answers You’re Unable To Find

  1. Legal issues and medical claims. Hemp companies like Illuminent are not able to make any medical claims because we are not doctors. Telling you to consume x amount of y product for your medical issue creates illegally crossed lines we can’t easily uncross. Even though we feel cannabinoids are medicine, it does not make us qualified to state them as such. Even doctors and licensed medication professionals are currently unable to recommend hemp-derived products without the risk of losing their licenses as cannabinoids are not FDA-approved.
  2. Everyone is different. Cliche sounding, we know, but it’s true. Genetics, body weight, lifestyle, and outside concerns all play a part in what will or will not work best for you. 

Hemp vs Marijuana vs Cannabis 

A major piece to the confusion of hemp is that it has so many names! Hemp, marijuana, and cannabis are all names for the same plant. Cannabis Sativa L. is the species of the cannabis plant that both industrial hemp and marijuana come from. The main difference between hemp and marijuana comes down to its THC content–the compound that makes you high. Hemp contains less than or equal to 0.3% Delta-9 THC, while marijuana can contain anywhere from 5-30% Delta-9 THC – depending on what strain of plant you are consuming. Both industrial hemp and marijuana grow and look differently as well, but the properties of the cannabinoids inside the plants do the same things

Legalization Of Industrial Hemp

The 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized industrial hemp, but cannabis laws can still vary depending on the state you live in. As the industry has grown, scientists, hemp cultivators, and CBD company owners have found ways to breed the best parts of the marijuana and hemp plants together to produce various health benefit potent plants, but still provide you as the consumer with a product that contains less than or equal to the federal legal limit of .3% Delta-9 THC. Illuminent will not ship products to a state it is ineligible to ship to. The reason you are seeing more psychoactive hemp products hit the shelves is that only one version of THC was ever deemed federally illegal, to begin with, and that’s the Delta-9 THC. 

How To Empower Yourself To Choose The Right Illuminent Products For Your Health Concern (s)

  • Understand your ECS. You have a built-in endocannabinoid system that serves the purpose of restoring your body back to homeostasis, which is an essential state of balance your body must be in so that it can operate optimally. You not only make endocannabinoids but you are designed to work with phytocannabinoids. Read more about your ECS HERE!
  • Understand your health concern (s). Does it cause you inflammation, body aches, increased stress you feel you can’t get out of, and poor sleep patterns? That is not an exhaustive list of questions to ask yourself, but knowing how your health concerns are affecting you helps you to match these characteristics with potential cannabinoid properties in our products. 
  • Understand what resources you have available to you if you have a question you don’t know the answer to. Knowing where to find information or who to ask is half the battle to empowerment. Have you ever talked yourself out of asking for help? Us too, we understand you. It can be intimidating to learn about anything cannabis related – it’s a lot. Luckily, we have compiled resources for you to make things simple for you in your hemp journey. Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Here are some helpful resources for you: 
    • Learn with Illuminent. Our blog! We are always striving to keep you up to date on relevant industry, cannabinoid facts, and product information. 
    • Illuminent website. Our product descriptions aim to educate you efficiently as you browse for your wellness solutions. 
    • The Illuminent consumable product chart below. Even better – a visual guide to understanding where to start when choosing the right tincture, cartridge, and/or capsule! 
    • Illuminent on Instagram. You can always DM us @illuminent_life. We would love to chat with you! 
    • Call us or email us at any time: Phone: 949-325-9240 Email:

What To Look For When Choosing A CBD Product

Here’s what to look for when choosing a CBD product to determine its legitimacy as well as if it will fit the legality and drug testing requirements you may have: 

  1. Check the label. Does the product contain isolated CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD? 
    • Isolated CBD means that the only cannabinoid present in the bottle is CBD or the cannabinoid listed.
    • Broad Spectrum means that there may be a variety of cannabinoids present in the bottle, but it excludes THC. 
    • Full spectrum CBD means that a wide array of cannabinoids are present in the bottle including federally legal limits of .3% or less of Delta-9 THC. 
  2. Check the labs. If the company you are wanting to purchase a hemp product from does not readily provide updated lab reports for the product, it’s a red flag. Lab reports will show you if what the company says is in the bottle is in it, but will also confirm for you whether or not THC and which form of it is or is not present. 
  3. Make it even easier, and check in with Illuminent. We take the guesswork out of terminology as well as lab reports. On our bottles, we either tell you directly that it’s made with our in-house extracted full spectrum CBD oil, or we state the exact cannabinoids present for that product as well as the amounts you’ll consume per serving. Each label comes with a QR code that links you directly to that product info page on our website where you can find our lab reports to show you that we take the precision of our products very seriously! 

Cannabinoids Explained

Even with a booming and saturated CBD market, we often find consumers scared of CBD products because they are worried the products may produce a high or that they are illegal. We at Illuminent completely understand and agree that more education should be readily available to you that makes sense on what this stuff is and why it works! 

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the main compounds found inside of the cannabis plant that have been researched showing promise of many health benefits. There are over 100 cannabinoids that have been identified to date with THC and CBD being the most commonly talked about. Some cannabinoids are psychoactive, meaning they will get you high, and some are non-psychoactive. meaning that they will not. However, all of them can be beneficial to the body as we each have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) equipped with receptors designed to work with cannabinoids. 

Isolated Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids working alone are isolated in structure. This means that if you consume a CBD oil with only CBD as the cannabinoid in it, the CBD molecule was narrowed down to be by its lonesome and extracted from the plant to be put into the product, and therefore you will receive the benefits of just the one cannabinoid. 

Cannabinoid Blends (also known as full spectrum or broad spectrum products)

Cannabinoids working together, meaning multiple are present in the product you are using, creates a synergy known as the entourage effect. This means that all of the individual benefits of each cannabinoid work together as a team to create even more potential health benefits for you! Think Captain Planet when they all put their rings together and chime “Our powers combined..” haha! 

How To Simplify The Process Of Choosing The Right Illuminent Product(s) For You To Start With

Start: Choosing Your Area Of Support

Choose the area of support you’d like to work on balancing by first glancing at each of the 3 charts below. Look at the left most side of the chart to decide which chart you will focus on by answering for yourself if you are subject to drug testing and/or if you prefer psychoactive or non-psychoactive products.

Next: Choosing Your Consumption Options & Method

Based on the chart that applies to you, we offer differing cannabinoid delivery options through our products. Below shares the differences between them so that you can easily choose the method that works for you.

Inhalation: We provide this method to you via cartridges in which you inhale cannabinoids from into the lungs. It is the fastest consumption method to achieve desired results, but also the method that lasts the least amount of time to maintain the results between uses. 

Sublingual – this consumption method entails placing tincture liquid at a desired amount under your tongue and holding it for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. Active ingredients are able to be absorbed into the bloodstream and bypass your digestive system. It is the second fastest consumption method to achieve desired results and lasts between 4-6 hours. 

Digestion – This method takes the longest to complete achieving desired results as you swallow a capsule that must be broken down via your digestive system, but can also last longer due to a slower release of the active ingredients as they are processed by your body. 

Last: Determining The Right Strength

Determining the right strength of a product can seem confusing at first, especially if you’re searching the interwebs for answers. Many companies share conflicting information about how many milligrams of cannabinoids you should consume in a day for a particular health concern. The reason it’s tough to sort through is once again – every human body is just different. We have a method to help you understand and find your own personal cannabinoid sweet spot, so you can feel confident in trusting your body to find out what will work best for you.

  • Beginner: For people looking for general support, have acute/mild health concerns per their medical professional team, and/or are brand new to using cannabinoids. 
  • Intermediate: For people looking for intentional support, have moderate or persistent health concerns per their medical professional team, and/or are at least mildly familiar with cannabinoids. 
  • Advanced: For people looking for a high level of support, have chronic or difficult health concerns per their medical professional team, and/or are versed in using cannabinoids. 


THC-Free Product Chart

Choose Your Product - Consumable THC FREE chart

Non-Psychoactive Products that contain 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Psychoactive Products that may contain 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Self-Titration Method to Use Your Product

This method works for any tincture we carry, regardless of the strength of the bottle. When using phytocannabinoids, everyone has a different experience regarding the serving size. We provide a serving size on the bottle to include what research may suggest is a therapeutic value of what the ‘average’ person may require to achieve the desired results in balancing their own endocannabinoid system. However, because everyone is different, there is a process in finding your own “sweet spot” of how much you may require in your own body.

Here are our best tips on self-titrating: 

  • Choose your product. 
  • Check the suggested serving on the bottle. 
  • Start at the suggested serving size or less. 
  • Increase the amount consumed gradually over one to two weeks time until relief is achieved. 
  • For psychoactive products, we suggest starting with the smallest amount listed on the bottle and gradually increasing rather than starting with the suggested serving size if you are new to using psychoactive compounds. 

How To Use Your Illuminent Tincture

How to use a tincture infographic. Shake the bottle, remove the cap, squeeze the dropper, drop the oil under tongue, hold for 60 seconds.

Why Illuminent?

With so many online hemp companies out there to choose from, what makes us stand out from the crowd you ask? It’s a great question, one that we take pride in answering. For us, it’s about our dedication to you. We are committed to providing you with enhanced quality hemp products to help not just you and your family, but your family’s family too. This is about helping the health of generations to come. Illuminent’s goal is to always strive to put the power of health back in your hands and help you become the results nature intended. 

Our Promises To You:

  • To lead with innovative superior quality. Providing you with the best nature has to offer requires meticulous dedication to researching and developing new and efficient ways for your body to achieve the essential state of homeostasis. Illuminent is committed to product superiority by: 
    • Using proprietary in-house cannabinoid distillation and extraction methods. 
    • When blending any formula, ingredients are paired in percentages so that formulators can scale a batch of something up or down based on the need and still create the same end product no matter what. 
    • Many companies will extract cannabinoids individually into a solvent and then take a percentage of that extraction and add it to the formula. 
    • We use a highly concentrated full-bodied extraction and mix it with our custom blended MCT oils, terpenes, and organic flavorings and then also add in even more highly concentrated individual cannabinoids. This means the percentages used in our formulas of various ingredients have a much higher concentration ratio comparatively speaking to anything else you can find on the market. 
    • Flavoring with purpose by infusing our formulas with specific terpenes, custom blending our MCT oils, and using certified organic flavoring. 
    • Custom blending allows our formulations to provide you with a rapid yet slow steady release of cannabinoids throughout the day which is easier on your digestive system and actually enhances the efficacy of how the cannabinoids work in your body. 
    • Maintaining contaminant-free product safety and efficacy by manufacturing our products by hand in our state-of-the-art ISO 7 cleanliness certifications and lab. 
  • To lead with integrity. What we say is in our products, is in our products. Iluminent exceeds expectations in integrity by: 
    • Third-party testing and providing lab results for all of our products right on our website that match every product description. 
    • Providing trusted results through listening to our customers every single day. 
    • Educating and empowering our customers to choose the products that are best suited for their needs. 
  • To lead with a servant’s heart. We share honor in your trust to provide you with the products you’ve come to rely on. Illuminent strives to lead from the heart daily by: 
    • Knowing how important it is that we make it to work every day to ensure that your relief remains available. 
    • Never sacrificing the quality of our products to make an extra dollar.
    • Treating every customer as if they are members of our own family.