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Becoming an Illuminent Affiliate is about so much more than just earning a commission for a product you sell – it’s about empowerment

Our mission is to help change the health of generations to come by delivering the best hemp innovation all over the world. To do this, we need to work together in giving the power of health back to the people. Your job is to help educate the world about the good news of what hemp is capable of and our job is to deliver the results. 

Who We Are 

Owned and operated by Master Formulator Ryan Botsch and his ‘partner-in-crime’ Allison Brooks, Illuminent is a direct-to-consumer retail hemp company located in Southern California. As pioneers in the cannabis industry, we formulate and manufacture in-house extracted consumable, topical, and fur-friendly cannabinoid-rich products – keeping innovation and the transformation of health in our customers as our main priorities. 

What to Expect From Us 

  1. To lead with innovative superior quality. We use proprietary in-house cannabinoid distillation and extraction methods, always. Our formulations, research and development methodology, product taste and feel, as well as the results our products produce are all industry unmatched and backed by third-party testing. All of our products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art ISO 7-certified lab to ensure they are free of contaminants and as effective as possible. 
  2. To lead with integrity. What we say is in our products, is in our products. Aside from third-party testing and providing labs for you directly on our website, you’ll also find QR codes to these labs and batch numbers right on our labels. There should never be any confusion about what is inside the bottle regarding hemp. We also provide trusted results through listening and educating our customers and affiliates every single day. 
  3. To lead with a servant’s heartConscious heart, awareness, etc. Illuminent strives to always lead from the heart. We know how important it is that we make it into work every day to ensure that relief remains available. We never sacrifice the quality of our products to make an extra dollar. When you join us as an affiliate or a customer, you become a member of our family. Here, your voice and story matter, as it should. 

Who You Are 

We love everyone and there is no application to our affiliate program that won’t be personally reviewed and thoughtfully considered. However, to help change an industry and truly impact the health of generations to come, we are looking for motivated influencers that aren’t afraid to take initiative in having or attaining an entrepreneurial mindset. Anyone can develop skills in sharing about a product they love, but it’s the drive to do so we are after. We want to cast vision with you and celebrate watching you achieve it, while we focus on providing you with the best hemp on the planet as the tool you use to empower the people. 

Illuminent Affiliate Program 

Below explains the highlights and FAQs of the program in full. If you have any questions about the Illuminent Affiliate Program, please email

Program Highlights 

  • 20% commission on anything you sell. No questions asked – you sell it, and we pay you 20% of the subtotal of every order attached to your replicated Illuminent site. 
    *excludes hardware 
  • 20% discount on any personal order you purchase. Become well-versed in hemp by experiencing our entire catalog at a generous discount. Not only will you find the relief you’re looking for, but your customers appreciate the knowledge you’ve acquired by doing so. Use your personally assigned code from your affiliate portal at checkout. 
    *excludes hardware 
  • Earn a 20% off code to give to your 1st-time buyers. Sell $500 for 3 months consecutively within your first 6 months of program approval and you’ll not only earn a commission but you’ll also be rewarded with a personalized discount code to give new customers to save on their first purchase to help you grow. 
  • Free to apply, free when accepted. Click HERE to fill out the affiliate application. We will personally review your application and social media channels and respond to you with our decision within 48hrs. When accepted into our program, we pay for your Illuminent website and charge zero hidden fees. 

Program FAQs 

  1. Do I have to be an influencer to join? The term influencer can look different from person to person. We are looking for affiliates well versed in the online marketing space, those who already have a solid social network, and are ready to take action. We are also looking for affiliates who are ready and committed to taking initiative to learn affiliate marketing. All applicants will be considered, so even if you feel you have marketing skills to acquire, please do apply. 
  2. Is this a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity? No. In an MLM, the pay structure includes your personal sales + recruitment of a team of people that you develop into a selling organization underneath you that you can lead and make income from. This is an affiliate program. Upon approval to the program, we will provide you with an Illuminent website attached to your name and when people purchase from this site, you make a commission from the sale. We are not offering team recruitment payout structures at this time. 
  3. When do you pay Affiliates? All of your commissions for the month will be paid to you on the 15th the following month. For example, if you sell $500 in January, you will receive 20% of those sales, excluding hardware, on February 15th. 
  4. Do you offer any support to Affiliates? Yes. Once approved, you will receive a series of emails to help acclimate you to Illuminent, our products, and your Affiliate Portal, and you’ll regularly receive our best up-to-date sales tips to help you along the way. Additionally, we are providing you with a company-run Facebook group for Affiliates to help you stay connected with Illuminent and have a space to easily ask questions.

  5. Will I receive a commission on my personal & family orders? Any order you place using your personal discount code found in your Affiliate Portal is not eligible for commission. This means your personal and household orders are excluded from being commissionable. The purpose of your discount code is to help you experience as many products as you desire and also to thank you for helping our mission. 
  6. How do I get access to the 20% discount code I give to my customers? Once you have sold $500 for 3 months consecutively in your first 6 months of program approval, you may email and we will issue it to you via email within 48hrs. 
  7. How many times can the 20% off customer discount code be used? After you have qualified and received your customer discount code, the code may be used 1x per new customer you acquire. 
    *Discount codes uploaded or sold to coupon websites are disqualified from commissionable sales.
  8. Are discounts I receive or that I give to my customers stackable with Illuminent sales? No. You and your customers can choose between our sales and bundles or the discounts you have to offer, but the discounts can’t be used together. If we offer stackable sales in the future, you will be notified prior to the sale happening. 
  9. How do I access my Affiliate Portal? You may go to to access your Affiliate portal. You will receive an email after you’re approved with this information as well. 
  10. Will I receive a 1099? As an Illuminent Affiliate, you’ll be considered an Independent Contractor once you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions on the application and are approved. Illuminent is unable to provide tax advice, but you will receive a 1099 from us if you make $600 or more in any tax calendar year. 

The Best Part 

We want to run with you. Many companies out there offering affiliate programs can seem difficult to be personally involved with. Here at Illuminent, we want to know you personally and celebrate every win. As we grow and continue to hear your feedback, we can unlock new incentives and create massive change in our customers’ lives. The only way to achieve the mission is for us to do this together. The more people we individually help, the closer we are to freeing the plant and revolutionizing the hemp industry as we generationally empower the health of every home around the world. 

Apply. Let’s go! 

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