The Perfect Mother’s Day


The Perfect Mother’s Day with Illuminent

Being a mother is amongst the toughest challenges life has to offer, and yet is also one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences we could have ever been gifted. There is nothing quite like the heart a mother carries for her children and the sacrifices she’s willing to make without even blinking first to secure her baby’s future and happiness.

So many mothers come to us seeking relief for their children, spouses, and other family members. We hear the cries of desperation in longing for their loved ones to no longer be riddled with physical pains or mental instabilities. We hear the joy and hope that comes when the sought relief is finally found and mom gets to put her other worries on a shelf for a brief moment of celebration before the next wave of life comes for her to handle with the grace she’s expected to give it.

But – when does Mom get to take care of Mom?

Moms, we not only have to start pouring into ourselves – we get to pour into ourselves. If our cups aren’t full, how can we expect ourselves to continue doing what we do? Taking the time does not mean we love our families any less.

Self-care isn’t a luxury for mothers, it’s a necessity.

Take a journey with us using hemp as the perfect tool for a perfect Mother’s Day with the bundles we’ve created for you! It’s time for us moms to intentionally celebrate how amazing we are and to laugh a little at the nuances we are annoyed with daily yet would secretly miss if we could no longer participate in them.

For those of you searching for the perfect gift, look no further. Each of the products below serve such a beautiful purpose for any mother.

The Slim & Clarity Bundle

Retails: $190
Mother’s Day Bundle Price: $170

Who’s it For: 

Moms who want to stop eating their kid’s leftover french fries, have a positive outlook even when sibling rivalry takes a mother’s sanity to questionable places, and do it all with love and enough focus to breeze through the day’s daily task list.

What’s in it

  • Excel THCv Tincture (21+)
    • Why we made it: To provide energy, focus, and mental clarity without the crash of stimulants like caffeine
    • Star cannabinoids: CBD, CBT, CBG, THCv
    • Psychoactivity: Not likely to produce a high, but could in high doses due to THCv content; contains less than or equal to the federal legal limits of .3% Delta-9 THC
  • Enhance CBDv Tincture
    • Why we made it: To gently boost focus and grounded stress relief that anyone can consume
    • Star cannabinoids: CBD, CBT, CBG, CBDv
    • Psychoactivity: Will not cause a high; THC-Free

Why Mom needs this bundle:

Because it’s interesting enough to consider improved cognition a side effect of consuming anything cannabis related, but what’s even cooler is that paired together the dynamic cannabinoid duo may also support appetite suppression and weight loss! Who doesn’t want to consume hemp and trim her waist a bit at the same time while calmly crossing items off the never-ending list, amirite?!

  • THCv and CBDv are rare cannabinoids that are known to boost energy, promote a clear mind, and add focus to the day.
  • In a small 90-day, randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study of just over 100 people, 100% of participants in the THCv/CBDv group reported weight loss up to 22 lbs. 61% reported reduced hunger, 40% said they had less cravings, and 52% said they had less severe stress. The product they were given had only those cannabinoids and hemp seed oil in it. This group also did not change their diet or exercise routines during this time frame.
  • Another 2016 double-blind study found that THCv assisted 62 people with non-insulin-treated type 2 diabetes in significantly decreasing their fasting glucose levels.


The Zen & Restore Bundle

Retail: $90
Mother’s Day Bundle Price: $70

Who’s it for:

Moms that enjoy peace during their kid’s homework and bedtime routines, moms that could use a glass of wine but still have to shuffle the children to soccer practice, moms that appreciate restful sleep but never have enough time to get it

What’s in it:

  • Reishi + CBN Mushie Tincture
    • Why we made it: To help combat oxidative and emotional stress while promoting relaxation and better sleep
    • Star players: Red Reishi functional mushroom, CBN cannabinoid
    • Psychoactivity: Does not produce a high; THC-free
  • Thrive Full Spectrum CBD Capsules
    • Why we made it: To provide inflammatory relief
    • Star players: Full spectrum CBD, turmeric
    • Psychoactivity: Does not produce a high; contains less than or equal to the federal legal limits of .3% Delta-9 THC

Why Mom needs this bundle:

Because when you are a mom there’s a bewitching hour that supernaturally occurs daily during the transition from daytime to evening activities and she deserves to experience it with ease.

  • Red reishi is amazing on its own and studied to be reliable in combating stress, balancing blood sugar which aids in hormone regulation, and boosting immunity which everyone needs more of.
  • CBN is a cannabinoid that has been known to alleviate tension, reduce stress, promote sleep regulation (but won’t make you tired in small quantities like what’s in this Mushie blend), and even can be helpful for aches and pains
  • CBD as well as turmeric promotes decreased inflammation in the body which can help you move more freely, clear the mind, and emotionally regulate


The Mom’s Special Bath Bundle

Retail: $90
Mother’s Day Bundle Price: $70

Who’s it for:

Moms that have bathtubs and enjoy submerging themselves in tranquility, moms who’ve had a day and are over it, moms that understand the luxury of going into a bathroom alone if she has ever raised or is currently raising tiny humans

What’s in it:

  • Wild Rose Bath Bomb
    • Why we made it: To create the ultimate bath experience with maximum level relaxation
    • Star cannabinoids: Delta-9 THC
    • Psychoactivity: Does not cause psychoactivity due to the way topical cannabinoids interact with the skin’s ECS receptors; contains less than or equal to the federal legal limits of .3% Delta-9 THC
  • Serene CBD Relief Cream
    • Why we made it: To provide relief from tension and minor body aches while moisturizing the skin
    • Star cannabinoids: CBD
    • Psychoactivity: Will not produce a high; contains less than or equal to the federal legal limits of .3% Delta-9 THC

Why Mom needs this bundle:

Because every mother is worth experiencing stillness of mind and the presence of peace. Mom needs to be reminded that it is necessary to make time for herself and Illuminent topicals pack superior power behind the meaning of self-care.

  • Applying cannabinoids topically has been known to significantly improve localized areas of body aches and relieve stress-induced muscle tension
  • Topical cannabinoids may also help a variety of skin issues


The Perfect Mother’s Day Protocol

This one’s for you, Mom. It’s ok to need and want all of the help offered above throughout your day. You’re built to work with hemp and hemp works with you. Not only do you deserve your special day, but you are worth it to treat yourself as a celebration every day.

*New to hemp? Use the self-titration method to work your way into the amounts that work best for you.


Affirmations & gratitude over coffee. Start the day by filling your beautiful brain with complete positivity. Use your Slim & Clarity bundle to ward off unwanted cravings, encourage creative flow, and get you focused on whatever the day has in store.

  • 0.5ml Excel & 1ml Enhance tinctures sublingually


Give your morning routine a facelift by engaging in the mindset and bundle activities once more. Beat the afternoon lull or crash and put a smile on your face as the tangled mind frees itself and becomes cleared again to finish out the day.

  • 0.5ml Excel & 1ml Enhance tinctures sublingually

Evening transition:

Break out the sweet release of the day. Reward yourself for doing a kick-butt job all day long, no matter how the day went, and agree to invite calm and surrender into your space with our Zen & Restore bundle.

  • 1 capsule Thrive
  • 1ml Reishi + CBN tincture sublingually

After Hours:

The whole prize – you time. Do we even need to say more? Use the Mom’s Special Bath Bundle, get some sleep, and thank us tomorrow, haha!

  • Wild Rose Bath Bomb
  • Serene CBD Relief Cream


Most importantly, we wish every mother a very Happy Mother’s Day!

DM us on Instagram @illuminent_life and let us know your experiences with the bundles you receive over the holiday!