4 Ways To Use Hemp To Crush Your Goals in 2023
Crush your goals 2023 with Illuminent


The question is when January has come and gone, how do we stay committed to the goals we set out for ourselves if all we did was make a new list and trudge forward waiting for Time Square to let that ball drop just to feel the sweet release of the past leaving us so that we can feel good about stepping into the New Year?

Not only can you commit to yourself this year, but you can achieve those goals using hemp!

Hemp is a tool we use to revolutionize our personal and professional goal-setting here at Illuminent every single day. It’s the top dog no one talks about enough that can help transform the former you into the ‘New Year, New You’ that’s been desired to come into fruition every time these new year goals and resolutions come around.

Here’s our top 4 ways to start incorporating hemp into your daily routine to crush your 2023 goals: 

Top Hemp Picks for Mental Health

Your mental health matters. In order to stay aligned with your goals, your mental game must come first! In fact, we believe taking care of your mental health is the kind of self-care that is imperative to success let alone well-being. Experiencing a lot of stress, anxious feelings, or periods of sadness can really derail us from plans. There is nothing wrong with feeling your feels, but there are options that can help in balancing your mood to keep you on track in your goals and toward a path of healing. 

Hemp-derived cannabinoids are the perfect choice in tackling mental health obstacles! The hemp plant contains high levels of CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid amongst over 100 others in the hemp plant that has been studied to help reduce and even offset mental health obstacles that you may be experiencing. Your body is designed to work with cannabinoids through its innate endocannabinoid system which has receptors embedded throughout it that act as the perfect puzzle pieces to fit cannabinoid molecules such as CBD. When this incredible phenomenon happens, the connection between cannabinoid and receptor sends signals to your brain that can help your body’s emotions and fight or flight response return to a state of balance. Click here to learn more about the endocannabinoid system.

When working on your goals, give yourself the gift of being centered and present! You can practice this with or without psychoactivity coming from the cannabinoids you choose to use, depending on your own personal needs.  

1. Illuminent Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures 


Illuminent Blueberry Muffin and Green Apple Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures in Alaska

Our Essential Line is made up of our phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum CBD tinctures and are equipped with custom blended MCT oil rich in terpenes and natural flavorings. Not only do they taste good, but they contain a wide ‘full spectrum’ range of cannabinoids including federally legal limits of Delta-9 THC, with CBD being the main star of the show. You can use our full spectrum CBD any time of day during periods of emotional unrest and/or increased stress creeps in to help get you back on track! 

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with or may not be able to use products containing low levels of THC, and that’s ok! We have you covered with our Fundamental Line in which the CBD cannabinoid has been isolated and is completely THC-free. 

2. Illuminent/Isomer Labs HHC Live Rosin Cartridges

*mild psychoactivity 

HHC Maui Wowie Cartridge-  the social buzz

Need something a bit stronger to help you re-center? HHC may just be the ticket for you! HHC is another one of the many amazing cannabinoids in the hemp plant that can help you meet your goals. Our HHC cartridges are delicately designed with our in-house solventless extracted live rosin to create balance, but without throwing you into a couch-locked position where you can’t get anything done. Cartridges are consumable via inhalation and provide a mild Sativa strain-like feeling that leaves you functional, calm, and creatively back in the goal-crushing zone.  

Top Hemp Picks For Better Nutrition

Nutrition at its finest, finally! No, we are not sending you on a hemp diet here, ha! In fact, we don’t want to put you on a ‘diet’ at all. We know you want to live life as the best version of yourself and know how important it is to fuel your body to keep you running on all cylinders. If you are like us, re-committing to consuming the right kind of body fuel as we slide into a new year is one of your favorite personal goals to clear the brain fog of all that yummy holiday food from the year end’s previous season.  

Here, hemp wins again! Start your day or change up your midday snack choices with a delicious hemp smoothie to help you target your nutrition goals! Meeting nutrition goals can be tough, especially if you experience digestion issues. The gut is known as our ‘second brain’ by many researchers. It’s responsible for creating approximately 70-90% of the serotonin our brain needs in order for us to feel happy. It’s also where our food breaks down and prepares our small intestines for absorption of nutrients of the food in which we have consumed. 

However, if the body is not currently running at an optimal level, and our guts have been trying to digest a bunch of processed food recently or perhaps for a long time now, it makes sense that your tummy may need a little TLC from you so that you can get your body back on track. 

We want to feel happy and be healthy right? 

Well, we need serotonin and good nutrient absorption to do just that! Plus, if you are looking to shed a few pounds in 2023, digestion plays a huge factor in being able to do this as well! 

1. Illuminent Boost CBG Tinctures



Our Boost line is a perfect choice to help combat your nutrition goals! All 3 tinctures in this line-up are rich in the matriarch of all cannabinoids: CBG. CBG acts as a genetic precursor to all the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, with the most well-known being CBD and THC. It is known for its help in aiding digestion regulation, provides a ‘boost’ in energy and focus, is calming without making you tired, and is even helpful when your body hurts. Align, our newest Boost Tincture contains CBG, CBD, and CBT along with a full-bodied terpene profile. Use this by itself sublingually every day, or add it to a daily smoothie of choice, blend it up, and enjoy! 

Top Hemp Picks for Fitness 

Fitness does not have to hurt. The start of a new year often floods all the local gyms for the first few weeks of the new year season, and admirably so! Have you ever wondered why people drop off and quit going? It’s not as black and white as saying the person who stopped going to the gym mid-January just has some lack of discipline and didn’t want it bad enough. Let’s put the judgments we place on other people aside for a moment and look at the reality: the first week of any new workout regimen can hurt. Physically our muscles are just trying to keep up with the new intensity and they are trying to repair themselves to help support what you are wanting your body to do. 

The solution? Hemp again, you guessed it! Cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, CBG, and many others are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and considering the body has a built-in system with receptors ready to receive these cannabinoids, hemp products can be a great tool to use for muscle recovery after working out! Lowering the inflammatory response of your muscles being stressed to fatigue in a workout can lessen the pain and promote your ability to stay committed to your fitness goals. 

1. Illuminent Thrive Full Spectrum CBD Capsules



Every capsule comes packed with 35mg of our in-house extracted full-spectrum CBD oil with a full range of cannabinoids working together to create the entourage effect including federally legal limits of less than or equal to .3% Delta-9 THC. Thrive is infused with strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes and has the amazing additional benefits of turmeric! Together these ingredients create the perfect combination for your body to lower inflammation while promoting a calm and uplifted mood which can have you in recovery mode from every workout in no time.

2. Illuminent Soothe Topical CBD Line

Add in our 5k 5000mg CBD topical roller or choose one of our Full Spectrum CBD creams for localized support! Our first suggestion takes care of muscle support from the inside out, but what about more localized support? Maybe a particular area of the body needs a little more love from you. We have got you covered! Our topical line promotes localized muscle relaxation and has been known to release body tension in big ways! Use Soothe Topical Line in conjunction with our Thrive capsules to tell your body it’s getting back in the game come time for your next workout. 

Top Hemp Picks for Focus

Sometimes, you just need to focus. You are not walking into the following year with the same resolution ever again. We believe you and believe IN you! What would it take to excel in your new year new me vibes and outdo last year you? Focus, Clarity, Energy…And rock-solid discipline to do what it takes to reach the goal. When we think of hemp or anything surrounding cannabis, we tend to associate the plant with feelings of tiredness or relaxation. Hemp can help with those wants of course, but there’s a new kid on the block making waves in way of the opposite of just that! That’s right, hemp really is that good. 

1. Illuminent Excel THCv Tincture

*potential mild psychoactivity 

Welcome to the game-changer of mental clarity. Illuminent’s innovative approach to creating top-shelf hemp products has brought a unique sublingual tincture to the market that can help you reach your goals. Its name is Excel and its star player is a cannabinoid called THC-v. THC-v sounds like THC, but THCv actually carries opposing benefits, while enhancing or carrying out the sustainability of the benefits of other cannabinoids. This tincture can cause a mild psychoactivity effect in high amounts, however, at the suggested serving sizes, it can actually level out psychoactivity when using other products.

If you want to stay accountable to showing up with your head in the game and ready to put in whatever work you have ahead of you, Excel will quickly become your best friend! What’s really nice about THC-v, is that it can act as a stimulant of sorts without the stimulating effects of something like caffeine. Just grounded, laser focus support with calming mood-boosting benefits that will leave you with a natural clean energy effect.

2. Illuminent Enhance CBDv Cognitive Tincture


Enhance from our Cognitive line is the perfect addition to using Excel. Its main star of the show is CBD-v which also promotes a grounded and centered experience with a natural focus. THC-v in the Excel tincture listed above is known for having appetite-suppressing qualities. When combining with CBD-v, the effects may be enhanced further in supporting an increased metabolism. So while the idea here is to promote a focused support system in pursuit of reaching your goals, adding Excel and Enhance to your regimen can work in synergy to help you reach your weight goals this year as well! Enhance CBD-v Cognitive Tincture is also suitable for all ages and does not cause any psychoactivity.  

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