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A Story About a Girl Named Lola & The Hemp That Changed Her Stars 

In a time of finding out what the world’s understanding of the ‘new normal’ really meant, confusion and grief blanketed us all. We were consumed with unprecedented pandemic-level viruses, job changes, business closures, and mental health issues skyrocketing. 

Schools shut down and parents were left to figure it all out mentally, financially, and physically as we settled into our homes and closed the doors behind us. 

We became hermits of sorts, forced to do everything behind a screen and hardly able to give ourselves permission to breathe the fresh open air outside. Change can be hard enough on us individually, let alone for an entire world of 7 billion people having to do it all at once. 

But we did it. And we even got used to it. 

Thinking of the transition back into the world reopening its doors and us trying to navigate what used to be. With a simple hug or handshake, while we masked our faces and began to forget what our friends, loved ones, and acquaintances even looked like under them, our kids went back to the classroom setting to resume their studies and adolescent lives.  

The question is, did we ever stop to think about what these kiddos were going back to school to re-learn

Being a child during the 2020 pandemic could not have been easy. One day practicing secret handshakes with friends on the swings and having teachers and aides at their every disposal, to forgetting what human interaction even felt like. To be sent home indefinitely with nothing but a school-issued tablet or laptop, while parents did everything they could to hide their panic and become school teachers themselves. 

Just to be told once again to forget what mandated isolation felt like and go back to school to learn with others once again. Six whole feet apart from anything and anyone that could have once comforted them in walking back into the school building. 

Meet Lola, one of the sweetest, loving, and kind kiddos we know! 

Perhaps we are a bit biased as she happens to be kind of famous around here for being our very own Illuminent Co-Founder Allison Brooks’s daughter. We will still argue to the ends of the Earth that Lola is, to put it plain and simple: the real deal kind of kid.  

Pre-pandemic, Lola was enjoying life as other kids do, laughing, playing, and making friends. She struggled mildly in school, had her shy, yet super sweet, moments mixed with her big personality and really never got into any trouble. Teachers and other parents loved her as much as their own. Lola was one who had already overcome some obstacles in her earlier years and her maturity spoke volumes; making her seem like one of those old souls you’d known and felt comfortable with. If you can’t tell yet, we here at Illuminent have adored watching her grow up. 

Once school reopened again, her mother began to notice that Lola just wasn’t herself. At the same time, everyone was going through madness trying to navigate post-pandemic school reopening. It was simple enough to say that Lola must have needed a re-adjustment period like everyone else. 

Lola’s grades began to slip, her spirit was ever so slowly fading, and she just couldn’t seem to focus. Even simple tasks like getting in and out of the car seemed daunting and trying. Lola lost her spark, and her physical energy went with it. 

For the first time as the world reopened, Lola struggled with normalcy. What was happening to her once driven and energetic self? 

It Was Time For A Doctor’s Opinion..

It was time for a doctor’s opinion. Allison, as any concerned parent would, went searching for medical opinions to try and figure out Lola’s new roadblocks.  

Finally finding a psychiatrist that wanted to help, it was suggested that Lola begin medications to help her sit still in school and get her grades back up to par. Allison had a different idea to present. She requested an alternative, natural way through CBD, and anxiously waited for approval. Perhaps having access to a naturally grown plant in bulk that Allison has dedicated her life to educating people about the benefits of, had something to do with it, ha! She was finally able to get a psychiatrist’s permission to try out a new phytocannabinoid-rich hemp tincture in lieu of traditional medicine. 

Her other half, Ryan ran to the lab and Lola’s custom industrial hemp blend was born, which became later known as Enhance, the first CBD-V product in tow of the Illuminent Cognitive Line.  

The Results

*a round of applause for our little Lola* 

Lola first tried a half serving before school one day and came home not feeling it. There was no change in her studies that day and it was less than par in expectation. Still hopeful, Allison went for it and gave Lola a full serving the next day. Lola came home beaming with pride sharing that she could actually focus on what her teacher was saying in class that day! In a serving and a half across two days, Lola went from sharing that she used to just stare at stuff and couldn’t pay attention in school, to a complete and total transformation. 

Allison couldn’t believe the night and day difference. Without being able to see the changes herself while Lola was at school, she began a beautiful, positive affirmation mantra routine every morning that strengthened them both. The days just kept getting better and better. A turning point for Allison in seeing what this custom blend was really doing came during an upcoming weekend. It was busy, full of events, and rushing was involved, so the fam went about their day. 

Allison noticed the ease in Lola and watched her child do things she hadn’t seen in what felt like eons. Lola was playing and interacting with other kids, listening well, and communicating her feelings effectively, and with this, the spark reignited once again. It was then that Allison and Ryan shared a glance, and they remembered: Lola had taken Enhance prior to leaving the house! 

From there, Allison and Ryan shared Enhance with tons of parents looking for natural answers to help their children. They found that other parents they knew were getting the same results Lola did, too.  

In a special interview with Allison on Facebook Live, Lola shared that it felt like every day she could do one more new thing. She has said that Enhance has given her the ability to focus, and learn, has made her talkative again, and happier, and has touched her everyday life. She started getting 100s again on her schoolwork and has continued to improve, grow, and find her confidence ever since. Lola’s stars had officially changed forever. #wearentcryingyourecrying 

To watch the video, learn more about Enhance, and ask questions directly in meeting this powerhouse Mother-Daughter duo, click here.

Lola’s Daily Enhance CBD-V Tincture Before School Routine: 

  • 1ml Enhance Cognitive Line Tincture under her tongue for 60sec 
  • Afterward repeating the following: 
  • I love math 
  • I love school
  • I can focus 
  • I am smart 
  • I am talented 
  • I am kind 
  • I am beautiful
  • I love myself
  • And prior to graduating: I am going to pass 4th grade 

Can we all just agree that this is what good parenting and real love looks like?! This is why the story had to be told. We want you to experience Enhance just as Lola has, of course, but it’s deeper. The heart and sacrifice of a mother is something that can’t be bought. It’s the pride and respect we have in working with Allison and watching her pour her heart into everything she does for the purpose of giving sweet Lola the life she is worth that keeps us going. 

Not to mention, Lola nailed it. We love you, Lola! Thank you for being you, kid! 

Without further ado, we give you our heart below so you, too, can experience this transformational cognitive change within you and your family’s lives. 

Discover Enhance CBD-V Tincture from Illuminent’s Cognitive Line 

*non-psychoactive; THC-free, suitable for all ages 

Mindfulness and centered presence in a bottle. With a gentle yet potent 3000MG phytocannabinoid blend per bottle of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabicitran (CBT), and Cannabidivarin (CBDv), this powerhouse tincture is great for everyone. 

  • Promotes a gentle yet awakened transformative cognitive change 
  • Provides a natural focus and activates your brain allowing you to retain information, think clearly, and become mindfully present  
  • Users report an increased ability to communicate feelings and regulate emotions 
  • May boost one’s natural, clean energy throughout the day  

The Formula & Its Benefits: 

Cannabigerol (CBG)

  • Known as the ‘Mother Cannabinoid’. It is a precursor to all the other cannabinoids within the hemp plant that we know and love for the medicinal values they bring to our Endocannabinoid System or ECS. 
  • Promotes mood enhancement and adds an extra boost to your day 
  • Known to help regulate digestion which increases nutrient absorption of food 
  • Supports the body’s essential functions so it can run optimally 

Cannabidiol (CBD)

  • Restores homeostasis or balance in the body 
  • Contains powerful antioxidant properties 
  • Enhances and balances mood 
  • Provides equilibrium in the fight or flight response of your central nervous system 

Cannabitriol (CBT)

  • Drives and supports the cannabinoid blend while enhancing the entourage effect providing an uplifting, “feel good” experience. 
  • CBT is known to be calming to restless feelings and fast-paced thoughts 
  • Promotes positive thoughts 
  • The entourage effect is something that happens in the body when multiple cannabinoids work together. Basically, where one cannabinoid entering the body is good and effective, multiple is more effective; as the cannabinoids like to work together as a team 

Cannabidivarin (CBD-V)

  • Encourages a general sense of well-being by gently activating your brain 
  • Promotes a calm focus 
  • Elevates your mood 
  • Promotes effective processing and communication of feelings 
  • This phytocannabinoid is essentially the cool kid sitting at the lunch table we all wanted to sit with. The phytocannabinoid makes this blend really stand out. 

Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil

  • Our MCT Oil blend is custom-made for not only this tincture, but for all the in-house hemp tinctures we produce. 
  • Provides you with a smooth and steady release of cannabinoids throughout the day. Kind of like a time-release capsule you’d consume and expect to help all day (not just for a few hours). 
  • MCT oil is derived from coconuts and is rich in fat. Fat is necessary for the phytocannabinoids to bind to in making them soluble for the body to use in reaching homeostasis. 

Flavored with Purpose

Enjoy a delicious all-natural, organically made fruit punch flavor profile built with terpenes

  • Terpenes strengthen the formula and provide a robust, uplifting, well-rounded yet individualized experience. 
  • Terpenes are best described as the part of a plant that you can smell or distinguish from another plant, but scientifically also provide the plant with additional therapeutic qualities. For example, if you were to peel an orange and then bring your hands to your nose, an orange citrus smell would come from your fingers and you may begin to experience an uplift in your mood. This comes from the orange’s terpenes! 
  • Terpenes greatly improve your hemp product experience and maximize the benefits.

Product Facts

  • Ingredients: Certified Organic Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil (Coconut Derived), Hemp Derived: Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabitriol (CBT), Cannabidivarin (CBDV), Natural Flavoring, Beta-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool. 
  • Suggested Serving: 1.0 mL or 1 Full dropper 
  • Cannabinoids Per Suggested Serving: Approximately 33MG of CBD, 33MG of CBG, 17MG of CBT, 17MG of CBDv (approximately 100MG/ serving) 
  • Suggested Use: Shake well before use. Place the desired serving size under your tongue for at least sixty seconds and then swallow. Use as needed.  
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry space away from excessive heat or light. This product has an unopened shelf life of 1-year after purchase. Once opened, use within 3 months for maximum benefits, discard after 6 months. 

It’s More Than Just Taking A Tincture..

  • Start every morning with Enhance for 60 seconds under your tongue. 
  • Commit to daily activities of self-care. Self-care can be as simple as: 
    Getting out of bed 
    Brushing your teeth 
    Daily or nightly showers 
    Brush your hair 
  • Take the time to make yourself a nutritious breakfast such as one of our fav hemp smoothies! 
  • Make an attitude of gratitude routine a non-negotiable 
  • Talk kindly to yourself and create daily affirmations or mantras like “I am smart, I am strong, I am beautiful, I can do xyz, I love xyz.” 
  • Practice becoming mindful of your thoughts, behaviors, and decisions by noticing your breath and then moving your thoughts to your actual surroundings while feeling all four corners of your feet being planted on the ground. 
  • Get outside – even for just a few minutes 
  • Practice connection through community 
  • Revitalize your body through daily gentle movement  
  • Celebrate your progress. 
  • It’s important to acknowledge your personal progress, whether that’s taking this tincture daily, staying focused on a task, going for a walk for the first time, or stepping out of your comfort zone to make new friends, celebrate this

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or ailment.  Illuminent assumes no responsibility for the improper use of these products. We recommend consulting with a qualified medical doctor or physician when preparing a treatment plan for any and all diseases or ailments. Illuminent does not make any health claims about our products and recommends consulting with a qualified medical doctor or physician prior to consuming our products or preparing a treatment plan. It is especially important for those who are pregnant, nursing, chronically ill, elderly, or under the age of 18 to discuss the use of these products with a physician prior to consuming them. 

Illuminent products are a naturally-occurring constituent of the industrial hemp plant.