Swinging for a Cure With Transcendent Planning And The F*ck Cancer Foundation
Two couples walking on golf course with golf clubs and a golf cart in the background


It’s safe to say that there is one main reason, one driving purpose, that motivated our founder and CEO, Ryan Botsch to step into the CBD industry; Helping people.

Our Mission

Ryan and the Illuminent team operate on the belief that health and wellness are basic human rights.  Our goal is to improve quality of life, while supporting happiness and a sense of well-being in all the lives we touch.

Offering potent and pure CBD products to our customers has allowed us to make a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis.  It has been and continues to be an honor.  That said, and with your support, we have grown tremendously and so have our dreams of creating a positive impact.

Giving Back

So we became intent on finding an organization fighting for a cause that we could get behind.  We were fortunate enough to get in touch with the F*ck Cancer Foundation, also known as the FC Cancer Foundation.  After reading their mission, it was a no brain’er to stand behind them in any way we could!

The F*ck Cancer Foundation

We’re sure you guys recognize the foundation as their name is quite prominent. But in case you haven’t, we’ll give you a run down on what they are all about.  Operating as a nonprofit, F*ck Cancer is “grounded in its belief that raising awareness and providing education about early cancer detection and prevention is the best way to keep the disease from taking lives” (Source).  But they don’t stop there.

Founded under the attitude that everyone deserves a beautiful life, and insisting that life is too short to let cancer steal the show, F*ck Cancer works to create and sustain “positive & enriching life changing experiences for cancer fighters,” (Source).  The hope is to take the power back from cancer, and return it to those needing that extra boost of inspiration to keep fighting.

Dyin 2 Live

F*ck Cancer’s mission to maximize this attitude led them to create their ‘Dyin 2 Live’ program.  “We want to enrich lives and bring hope, inspiration and courage to those in the fight.  More than anything, we want you to feel secure and capable of kicking cancer right in the a**,” (Source).   All about making dreams come true, the Dyin 2 Live program has helped hundreds of people, young and old, find joy while fighting for their lives.

Get Involved

It’s people like you that make this work possible! You are the gears that keep this train moving.  F*ck Cancer makes it easy for anyone to participate in their cause.  We will be doing our part by sponsoring Transcendent Planning’s annual ‘Swing For A Cure’ charity golf tournament benefiting the F*ck Cancer Foundation, Thursday June 27th in Irvine, CA.  You can help too by raising awareness, volunteering at events, making personal donations and even hosting fundraisers.


You can access Transcendent Planning’s donation page for the ‘Swing For A Cure’ charity golf tournament here and contribute to the F*ck Cancer Foundation’s cause if you’re feeling inspired.  If you’d like to follow our F*ck Cancer journey, make sure to check out the Illuminent Instagram page the day of the festivities. We’ll be posting consistently to keep you all up to date on exciting events and opportunities to help out!


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