Recovery: The Universal Journey
The Universal Journey of Recovery Finding Strength in Every Story


September carries more than the scent of crisp air and pumpkin-spiced lattes. It heralds National Recovery Month, an occasion that reminds us of the countless recovery stories that unfold around us daily. While the spotlight often shines on addiction recovery, we understand that the essence of recovery is far broader. It’s about healing from life’s various tribulations, whether they’re rooted in addiction, heartbreak, trauma, or any other challenge life throws our way. 

Every face you see, every voice you hear, carries a story – a story of resilience, a battle fought, a scar earned. It’s seen in the mother deprived of sleep, in the wearied office worker, or the silent warrior combatting a health challenge. Each one is journeying through recovery, finding strength, balance, clarity, energy, and rest along the way. 

This universal narrative of recovery is echoed in nature’s remedies, particularly in the Mushie Line Tinctures we’ve cultivated with care. Harnessing the power of functional mushrooms, these tinctures are nature’s gentle hand, guiding us through our unique journeys, and offering support in various dimensions of our recovery. 

Tinctures for Recovery: Harnessing the Power of Functional Mushrooms 

  • Agaricus Blazei + Full Spectrum CBD Tincture: Recovery through Balance – Achieving homeostasis is central to many recovery narratives. Agaricus Blazei, revered for its health-boosting properties, and CBD come together to champion this equilibrium. 
  • Cordyceps + 1000MG CBG Tincture: Recovery through Energy – The vigor to face each day is integral to recovery. Cordyceps, known for invigorating the spirit, and CBG, a mood enhancer, synergize to offer sustained vitality. 
  • Lion’s Mane + THCv Tincture: Recovery through Focus & Mental Well-being – To navigate the complex pathways of recovery, a sharp, focused mind is imperative. Lion’s Mane, associated with cognitive health, and THC-V, a clarity enhancer, come together in this purpose. 
  • Red Reishi + 150mg CBN Tincture: Recovery through Rest – Healing requires rest, both mental and physical. Red Reishi, a known relaxant, and CBN, a sleep promoter, join forces to ensure rejuvenation. 

Recognizing National Recovery Month, we salute every milestone, every step, and every effort made in the journey. Every tear and smile signifies resilience. Your journey is unique, but know that you’re not alone. With our tinctures, we offer a supporting hand, ensuring that whether you seek balance, energy, focus, or rest, there’s a blend just for you. 

In this month of introspection and solidarity, we encourage you to lean into your truth, seek support, and cherish the myriad forms of self-care available to you. After all, the journey of recovery is universal, and so is our innate ability to heal and thrive. 

Addiction Recovery Resources:

If you or a loved one are suffering from the disease of addiction and are in need of help, you are not alone.  Here are some helpful resources:

  1. Foundations Recovery Network:  “Our mission at Foundations Recovery Network is to be the leader in evidence-based, integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders through clinical services, education, and research. Our vision is to be the best at delivering effective, lasting treatment and to provide superb experiences across our continuum of care in all places. 

    So what does this mean exactly? It means that we believe everyone’s story is important and has a purpose. It means that we believe lives can be restored and recovery is always an option no matter what you’ve been through. We believe that treating the whole person in mind, body and spirit is vital to the recovery journey. And we believe in it so much that we have carefully researched our methods over the years to prove that creating lifetime relationships leads to long-term recovery. 

    We promise that we’ll continue to build on that research and our relationships to make sure that more lives can be restored, stigma can be erased and addiction can be understood. We’re proud of our story, we want you to be proud of yours too.”

  2. Standing United: “Standing United is a non-profit organization helping people suffering from addiction and homelessness reintegrate into society and become upstanding citizens in their communities. Standing United is made up of professionals and numerous volunteers who work tirelessly to guide people out of their darkest moments and into the light of a new day and a new life.”