Illuminent Company Story

One pack, two packs, a thousand packs. Cigarette by cigarette, Illuminent founder Ryan Botsch was smoking his health away and he knew that he had to stop. It wasn’t until he was introduced to vaping that he found a way to finally quit smoking for good.

Ryan was impressed and knew that he had to spread the word to other smokers. In order to help bring this new technology to the masses, he set about working in the Eliquid business, but he wasn’t in the industry long before he noticed a disturbing trend.

After participating in several shows, I noticed a general theme. The majority of the Eliquid manufacturers are ego-driven and self-centered, and care only about how many bottles of liquid they sell and at what price point.

To top it all off, what most Eliquid companies were putting in their juice recipes were unhealthy additives that are bound to damage the health of the customer.

This really struck a chord with me because the reason I am in the industry is to get people to stop killing themselves with cigarettes and improve the quality of their life. I have been taught in my spiritual walk to always leave people better than how I found them.

Seeking a more holistic alternative, Ryan began to build a company that produced juice using only the highest quality ingredients. With quality as their primary goal, Illuminent was modeled to deliver a high quality product to users instead of a cocktail of unknown additives and ingredients.

Another important driving force behind Illuminent was the price. Smoking cigarettes is definitely an expensive habit, but many Eliquid retailers are trying to turn vaping into a luxury, too. Illuminent took a different approach and sought to make vaping a cost-effective way to switch from smoking — without sacrificing premium quality.

I have seen this get very skewed by vape shop owners who will buy the product from me at wholesale and attempt to sell it retail for up to 4x what they paid for it, Ryan says.

This is why Illuminent has a set pricing at $35 for a 120ml bottle, as this is roughly what lab-manufactured premium liquid should sell for. Ryan’s intention was to offer fair prices to dissuade people from buying discount Eliquid off the Internet from shady websites with no quality control.

Illuminent doesn’t cut corners and sources their ingredients from manufacturers that have the same stringent standards as they do. This means being ISO certified and only handling the liquid in a clean environment. Illuminent has invested heavily in the company infrastructure that makes this high quality, premium Eliquid possible, and yet they are still able to offer their product at a competitive price.

What is premium Eliquid? These words are overused an awful lot in the vaping industry. According to Ryan: “Premium to me is using the cleanest and highest quality ingredients available on the market, regardless of how much they cost.”

Clean, safe, and mixed from the purest ingredients possible, Illuminent has set out to create a healthier world, one converted smoker at a time.

Illuminent is not only a company where you can purchase Premium Eliquid, but an OPPORUNITY to establish your own business and have the ability to sell just as much Eliquid as a shop without the overhead cost.

This is a PROFOUND experience for people to finally get out of work what they have put into it, and join a community of like-minded people.

Most people go to their 9-5 job and they get paid no more and no less.  With Illuminent you get out what YOU put in.  When you take the time to sell Illuminent, your hard work will NOT go unnoticed and you will be compensated generously.

“We have been working with executive leaders of the direct selling industry to bring our partners the most generous compensation plan on the market and state of the art marketing materials including a revolutionary app that will provide you marketing content, training, and lead management which will put you on a path to success!