Illuminent’s purpose is to create meaningful relationships and quality products that enrich the lives of everyone involved. We will achieve this mission by being a consistent industry leader, innovating CBD and Vapor products as well as providing our partners with the tools they need to help others make healthier life choices. At Illuminent, employees are considered family. Through respect, trust, and loyalty we have created an atmosphere that makes work both productive and enjoyable. We know that shared success equals opportunity for our partners, employees, and investors to grow and prosper.

Founding Principles

  1. Superior products that achieve unprecedented standards in quality, safety, and effectiveness.
  2. Meaningful relationships with our customers and partners that promote positive change in their lives.
  3. Ethical values that build trust based upon integrity, transparency, and good will.

Superior Products

Illuminent is a manufacturing company that focuses on the CBD and Vape products that maximize the health benefit for the end user. We achieve this goal by developing custom formulations in our state-of-the-art ISO Certified Lab. Illuminent products are lab tested at three different times during the manufacturing process to ensure purity, potency, and consistency.

Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are the foundation of a joyful life and the key to success with Illuminent. We work closely with each of our partners to help them build a successful business. This begins with educating, motivating, and encouraging our partners and then helping them build a team. Our greatest joy comes from seeing others find the passion within themselves and using this internal flame to ignite the passion in others. This internal flame is represented in our logo and defines who we are as Illuminent.

Ethical Values

For success to be sustainable, a company must be built upon a solid foundation of strong ethical values. These values, or moral principles have helped Illuminent founder and CEO, Ryan Botsch find purpose, happiness, and success in his life and define the culture and positive attitude at Illuminent. Our primary goal at Illuminent is to improve the lives of those around us by offering support, love, and encouragement to others.


The inspiration for Illuminent came from Founder Ryan Botsch’s passion for helping other people. After spending multiple years in the vapor industry, Ryan discovered that a huge number of people are extremely passionate about sharing their experience of making healthier choices with others. Illuminent was created to provide them the opportunity to harness their passion into a Win-Win for them and their networks. After countless hours of research and education conferences, Ryan decided to build Illuminent on a direct selling platform that would allow consumers to start their own Illuminent business. With the help of the top consultants in the direct selling industry, Ryan’s vision of Illuminent began to come to life.

“Illuminent has been the most challenging, and rewarding accomplishment in my career. My entire team has poured their heart and soul into creating a sustainable opportunity that allows our Partners to turn their dreams into reality. We have Partners who are finally able to take that special family vacation, start an education fund for their children, choose their own hours, and get compensated for their dedication and hard work. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live out their dreams and fuel the passion that exists within. This is the foundation of Illuminent and we will be there every step of the way to support our Partners and celebrate each victory in both their lives and Illuminent business.”

Partnership Opportunity

Start earning today by becoming an Illuminent CBD partner.

How much you can make is only limited by how much you can hustle.

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