If you’re new to the cannabis community, chances are you’re a feeling a little out of the loop with some of the jargon.  Sure, you know what CBD is, and of course you’re familiar with the infamous THC.  But enter words like terpenes, for example, and you’re feeling as lost as ever.


Why haven’t I heard of terpenes?


Don’t worry!  You’re not alone.  The truth is that the average cannabis buff may actually know little about terpenes or the many other molecules that make up a whole plant cannabis extraction.  If we were to guess, this is largely due to the long time cannabis prohibition and demonization of all things hemp or marijuana related.  For years, THC was the focus.  Painted as criminal, research was prohibited and as such, education around cannabis derivatives, like terpenes, was greatly lacking.


We are entering new and exciting times. 


These days, progressive thinking and open-mindedness towards cannabis are weighing heavier than the old schools of thought that we have grown so accustomed to.  So allow us the honor of enlightening you! 


The cannabis plant is chalk full of constituents that offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits.  Sure, THC and CBD alone have their perks when it comes to supporting your health and wellness.  But they are only two of countless molecules available within the cannabis plant, and honestly, they already get enough attention!


Let’s talk terpenes


Terpenes are the essence of the cannabis plant.  They are what give cannabis its many famous aromas.  And they are not limited strictly to cannabis.  Terpenes exist in flowery plants like lavender, in citrus scented plants like lemongrass; the list goes on and on.


Terpene profiles


Here’s how it works.  Each plant has a unique terpene profile, or a combination of varying terpenes and concentrations, that make up the plant.  These terpene profiles are responsible for the plant’s scent, and offer specific therapeutic benefits.  Think lavender essential oils and the calming properties associated with it. 


Strain specific cannabis terpene profiles


A dispensary worker vending jars of cannabis.


As you probably know, cannabis comes in many different strains.  And each strain is known for its unique smell and taste.  Often times these strains are named as such.  If you take a big sniff of blueberry kush, for example, chances are you’ll smell a hint of berries.  While a passing whiff of pineapple express will leave you with a fruity, flowery scent and all the island vibes.  That said, cannabis terpene profiles are strain specific.  And as a result, so are the therapeutic benefits that each strain provides.


Innovations in the cannabis industry


Many CBD products are crafted from whole hemp plant extractions, and therefore contain small amounts of terpenes naturally.  However, specific therapeutic combinations and concentrations found in the terpene profiles of certain high potency cannabis strains are lacking. As an industry leader in innovation, Illuminent saw this as an opportunity to formulate a new product for the cannabis community.


Illuminent’s CBD Vape Oils


We crafted our Illuminent CBD Vape oils with the goal of formulating a product that offers all the benefits of whole plant derived, full spectrum CBD, combined with the therapeutic value of strain specific cannabis derived terpenes.  Each flavor available in our vape oil line is named after the specific strain that it’s terpenes come from.



Vape Oil Strains (flavor is reflective of each unique strain’s taste):


  • Granddaddy Purple: An Indica strain known for promoting relaxation and calming effects
  • Zkittles: An Indica-dominant strain known for promoting relaxation while leaving consumers feeling uplifted, focused and happy.
  • Blueberry Kush: An Indica strain known for promoting relaxation and calming effects.
  • Sunset Sherbet: An Indica dominant hybrid strain known for promoting feelings of happiness and relaxation.
  • Strawberry Cough: A Sativa dominant strain that is known for promoting an uplifting, happy and relaxed effect.
  • Tangie: A Sativa dominant hybrid strain known for promoting creativity and focus.
  • Pineapple Express: A Sativa dominant hybrid strain which is known to promote an uplifting happy and productive effect.


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