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Synthetic CBD versus Natural

Understanding the Difference Between Industrial Hemp CBD and Synthetic CBD

During your search for the best CBD oil, you will likely come across many variants made from industrial hemp or synthetic compounds. To find the best product for you, it is important to understand the potential dangers of using synthetic CBD tinctures, capsules and vape oil. Here’s why it is best to stick with CBD products made from industrial hemp instead.

Extraction Process for Industrial Hemp CBD

The extraction process for industrial hemp draws out the CBD while removing all other parts of the plants’ natural makeup. The process is highly regulated and monitored to ensure the CBD capsules, tinctures and vape oil are always of the highest quality. The final product is inspected and verified with lab results as passing all standards before being made into the best CBD oil on the market today.

Differences Between Industrial Hemp CBD and Synthetic CBD

CBD extracted from industrial hemp provides consumers with a natural way to combat symptoms caused by mental and physical health conditions. The natural CBD vape oil and CBD tinctures only contain natural substances derived from the industrial hemp plant itself. Synthetic CBD, on the other hand, is created in a lab to mimic the structure of this helpful substance while not containing any of its natural properties.

Synthetic CBD is only derived from the benefit of its manufacturers, not the people who intend to use this product. By creating a synthetic alternative, manufacturers are able to skirt around the federal laws in place today. When it comes to consumers, the synthetic product does not offer any benefits over its natural counterpart. In fact, synthetic CBD can be outright harmful to use, especially on a regular basis.

Harmful Consequences of Taking Synthetic CBD

The inhalation or consumption of synthetic CBD in the form of CBD capsules, tinctures or vape oil can cause serious health repercussions to develop. One form of this synthetic CBD, called Spice, quickly became illegal as it caused users to feel confused, dizzy and even hostile. Fainting and low blood pressure were reported with other forms of synthetic CBD as well. Although the reasons for these health repercussions are largely unclear, one line of thought surrounds the use of harmful chemical compounds to create synthetic CBD.

You can play it safe and still enjoy the best CBD oil available today by only choosing products derived from industrial hemp. To learn more information about natural CBD tinctures, vape oil and capsules, contact the team at Illuminent by calling (949) 325-9240 or visiting the website anytime.

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