Ritual creates a pathway that allows the mundane to become sacred, the tedious to become intentional, and the monotonous to become divine.  Seeking a relationship with the infinite, in some form, is a basic human need that offers purpose and meaning to life.  Ritual offers the opportunity to practice creating space to cultivate this relationship on a daily basis.


You can turn just about any daily task into a ritual, simply by adding intention and mindfulness.  Turn bathing into ceremony by lighting candles, adding a bath bomb, and burning incense.  Make dinner into a celebration by cooking together, dancing to music and setting the table.  You can even ritualize your CBD!


Bath ritual setting with incense and candles burning and towels.
Indian incense stick with smoke on wooden background closeup


How to ritualize your CBD


There are so many fun ways to add intention and ritual to your daily dose of CBD.  You can add CBD to your morning smoothie with the intention of fueling, nourishing and caring for your body.   Create a post exercise ritual for stretching and self-massage with your favorite topical CBD.  Ideas to ritualize your CBD are endless, so we’ll just stick to our favorite.


Our personal favorite way to ritualize our CBD


We personally prefer to practice rituals at the beginning and end of the day.  Too often we jump out of bed and rush off to check boxes on the never-ending to-do list.  Experience has proven, time and time again, the benefit of mindfulness in the morning as a means of gently easing our way into the day, consciously.  The same is true of the evening.  Long days often leave us feeling tense and overstimulated.  Taking conscious time to decompress and relax after a hectic day is like a giant exhale, signaling to the mind and body that they are safe to calm down, let go, and rest.


Tea and CBD ritual



We love to set aside 10-20 minutes in the morning and evening to sit down, breath deep, sip and enjoy our favorite herbal tea blend.  Adding CBD to our tea during this ritual is our way of slowing the mind down and releasing tension in the body.  The CBD also supports us in mood stability throughout the day, and restful sleep at night. 


This ritual creates a mood that is supportive of dropping into a meditative mindset.  We like to take advantage of this time to set an intention and visualize our day.  At night, it is nice to focus more on reflection; taking note of areas for continued growth and honoring all our hard work. 


Feeling ambitious?


Try making your own tea! We are partial to boiled ginger root with lemon, mint and a little honey for added sweetness. Or choose your own custom blend of personal favorites! Pro tip: If you are using loose dried herbs, try straining your tea with a french press or investing in a loose leaf tea steeper. Happy sipping!


Your turn!


We’d love to hear about your favorite CBD rituals!  Share with us in the comments, or find us and tag us on Facebook and Instagram.



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