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New Year, New You!

Happy New Year to all! The New Year is finally here, and although it is of the utmost importance that we plan out our upcoming year, don’t forget to take note of all of the amazing strides you made to make it to 2019! Illuminent wants you to go into the New Year proud of how far you’ve come! The person you are today is worthy of all of the success you have already achieved as well as the many successes that await you in the future! It’s easy to think of ways to improve and remember things we did throughout the year, but it’s more productive to physically write it down and see it all on paper!

We have put together a list of things to empower yourself and recognize the strength you have already built up to tackle your new goals! Starting with gratitude and recognizing things you are grateful for is a great first step. The reason for this is that as we create a list of new goals, it’s important to have a purpose and by acknowledging things we are grateful for and honoring the memories we shared and created with ourselves and others. We build upon a solid foundation and have the ability to tap into that energy when we lose sight of why we are striving for better! The accomplishments that we take pride in will undoubtedly inspire whatever new goals we set out to conquer! Appreciating the journey and its ups and downs is big. Just as important is recognizing the areas of our lives where we would like to improve.

Sometimes the growth we desire requires assistance from others and some cases the growth of others requires our assistance as well! There is an outstanding quote that is quite useful when mapping out goals “If you want something you have never hadyou must be willing to do something you have never done.” Trying new things often open doors that will remain closed if we allow fear to grip us and stagnate our growth. Traveling to different places, and exchanging thoughts, and energy with others only fuels our fire and spurs our creativity and growth. Exploring and helping others along our journey brings our hopes and dreams to reality and fill us with joy! At times the road to our goals can be exhausting but it is also said, “many hands, light work!” The more we reach out and help others and are willing to learn from and accept help from others, the more we expedite our own growth and truly maximize our potential!

If you are interested in taking a giant leap forward in all areas of your life, you should definitely check out our New Year New You worksheet! We have created a guideline for mapping out your 2019 year full of tools and suggestions on how to create and maintain your focus! You have what it takes…now it is time to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Happy New Year and big love Illuminent Family!!!!

We want to hear what 2018 moments you are honoring and what dreams you are brewing for 2019!

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