Whether you’re new to the CBD scene and just starting to do your research, or you’ve been around a while, any google search will make clear just how big the CBD market is becoming. Not only are there businesses galore, but there are also a wide array of new products boasting new and improved methods of delivering your daily dose of CBD to you. With countless CBD companies and products popping up, how do you know which product is right for you?

Choosing a company

The first step towards deciding on your perfect CBD product is finding the right company. The CBD market is highly unregulated. And with so many companies cutting corners to lower production costs, company research is a must.

What to look for

Know where your CBD product’s hemp is grown

  • Make sure you choose CBD products made from US grown, federally legal, industrial hemp. Often, companies will buy hemp overseas to cut production costs. Unfortunately, farms outside of the US are not held to the same farming standards and regulations as those here at home. While purchasing raw materials from farms within the US does tend to cost more, it is a clear indication of product quality and company values.

Stay on the lookout for third party laboratory testing

  • Make sure that the CBD products you choose come from a company that engages in third party testing. While many companies and farms offer in-house testing, its increasingly important to be offered a third party laboratory test to ensure a non biased profile on your product. These tests will include levels of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids, terpene content, and product purity. They will also scan for pesticides, residuals and contaminants as a means of offering you the safest product possible.

Be weary of white labeling.

  • In a very basic sense, this is when a farm or CBD oil source formulates a finished product that becomes available for purchase by any Joe Shmo who wants to sell CBD.  This allows for anyone to buy this product in bulk at a fixed cost, put it into individual bottles, slap a label on it that names it their own, choose a price and sell.  First of all, this promotes a major lack in custom formulation and product diversity.  Second, it creates cost discrepancies within the market, ultimately washing out quality control. 
  • Imagine two people purchasing white label product at a fixed cost from the same supplier.  Now, imagine these two individuals turn around, label and sell this product as their own.  What’s to stop one person from charging $150 for his/her product while the other charges $50?  Imagine the confusion this can create in the industry as a consumer, and the frustration experienced upon learning that (s)he is paying triple the cost for the exact same product!  Imagine how this effects consumer perspective on CBD and the CBD industry as a whole, ultimately hurting the companies out there working hard to custom formulate their own high-quality products!

Look for custom formulated products manufactured in an ISO-Certified lab.

  • Innovative CBD companies care about the originality and quality of their products.  To support these values, they will pour time, money and resources into product development.  Products are often formulated and tested in house to support quality and consistency.  An ISO-Certified lab ensures that your chosen CBD products are manufactured in sanitary conditions, with proper equipment to provide consistent results.  As you can imagine, this is not cheap, and companies that are willing to invest in an ISO-Certified lab inherently take pride in their product and proudly display the certification on their websites.

Choosing a CBD product

There are countless CBD products to choose from, with new options and innovations every day.  When choosing a product, however, it really comes down to deciding a delivery route that best serves you. As each delivery route offers its own unique therapeutic benefits, it is important to understand the differences in order to make an informed decision. 


CBD products are available in capsules that you can take orally.  You can easily make this addition habitual, which is definitely a perk of the oral option.  Simply add a CBD capsule to any daily regimen of vitamins and supplements.  While being convenient and discrete, oral delivery does tend to take the most time to enter the bloodstream.  That said, capsules are best for those seeking consistent daily support, without the need for immediate relief.

Pills in hands. Medicine and health care concept


Most CBD brands offer tinctures for sublingual use.  This method of delivery is fast-acting, and can be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream via capillaries under the tongue.  Illuminent CBD tinctures come in many delicious flavors that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.  You can even try adding these tinctures to your favorite coffee or recipe!


Vape oils and pre-rolled CBD flower are available for those seeking the inhalation route.  This method of delivery tends to be the fastest acting, providing relief almost immediately. 


Topical products are available for use on localized areas.  You may use topical products externally on localized areas. Your skin will absorb the ingredients, providing you with targeted relief. As such, this method of delivery offers focused therapeutic benefits rather than whole system support.

Final considerations

Once you’ve found a company that aligns with your values and a product that aligns with your needs, there are a few final things to consider before beginning your CBD journey.

Do you want a full spectrum or an isolate product?

Check out our article, “Full Spectrum vs. Isolate: What’s the difference?” for a detailed breakdown between the two.

What strength should you opt for when choosing your product?

Product strengths and concentrations will vary depending on which CBD brand you decide to move forward with. But to give you an idea of your options, Illuminent offers products with strengths ranging from 250mg of CBD in our topical product, all the way to 2000mg of CBD in our highest strength tincture options.

Choose your CBD product strength based on therapeutic goals

Deciding on strength is similar to deciding on product type. Your choice should be based on individual needs and therapeutic goals. For example, lower CBD dosages tend to offer alertness and presence, while higher doses have reportedly supported sleep, relaxation and physical discomfort.

Keep in mind…

There are many other factors to consider when navigating your ideal CBD dosage. Remember that CBD works with your body in a unique way. Depending on your size, your needs, and your one of a kind metabolism, your perfect CBD strength may not be enough for the next person, or vice versa. Be flexible! Start low, and work your way up until you find your sweet spot. It’s an individual process, so embrace your journey!

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