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Does CBD Help Exercise Recovery?

Add CBD for Exercise Recovery

Struggling with exercise recovery? We get it!  The New Year hits, and most of us create a list of resolutions to spend the year working towards.  Health and Fitness goals usually sit at the top of this list and for good reason: Health Matters!  The excitement is tangible in the beginning and you can feel the stoke walking into a packed gym full of people determined to make this the year.  We start out on fire, committed to intense daily workouts.  But as the year goes on, momentum dies down and if you look around most gyms, you’ll see the numbers noticeably dwindling with the passing months.  People become unmotivated and eventually give up; but why?

The first step to solving a problem is identifying it, right?

There are a number of obstacles that cause people to cut their fitness journeys short.  One that stands out to us (and is super easy to fix) is the failure to give the body what it needs for proper exercise recovery. New and returning fitness buffs buy products to energize and pump up their workouts, often unconsciously neglecting exercise recovery support.  This leads to fatigue and eventual burn out; AKA a major case of the F*$% it’s followed by full on goal abandonment.  If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals, while creating long term, sustainable change, then it’s super important to take care of your body post workout.

Exercise Recovery is Key!

Muscles repair during recovery; as in they GROW!  The ultimate goal, right?  We all want to get (and KEEP) those #gains…  So, help your body out!  Feed yourself nutrient-dense foods to refuel your body, restore energy and rebuild muscle.  Hydrate! Load up on fluids to replace all those lost during your sweat session. This will ensure the body’s systems keep running smoothly.  Take rest days!  Avoid injury and give your body a break.  And most importantly, SLEEP y’all!  Even the very best fitness routine and nutrition plan combo won’t yield the desired results without adequate sleep.  Give the body and mind the time they need to replenish, restore and renew!

So, how can Illuminent CBD help exercise recovery?

Illuminent CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help the mind and body relax so that you can give yourself the rest, and more specifically, the sleep you need (and deserve!) after grinding through your training sessions.  The better you sleep, the faster your exercise recovery!  Ideally (and in general), eight hours of sleep per night is suggested.  This, of course, varies from person to person.   It may sound like a tall order, but think about it!  This is the time you give your body to regenerate, to get back to baseline so that you can tear it up at the gym day after day.  Those hours spent sleeping are when human growth hormones are released, when proteins are synthesized, when tissues repair and when muscles grow.  Energy is conserved during sleep, rebuilding resources available to the body for the following day.  And let’s not forget about the brain, guys!  Proper sleep gives the brain time to rest and recharge.  Meaning, sleep supports your ability to be mentally alert, motivated and focused during a workout so that you get the MOST out of your time spent at the gym!  In addition, Illuminent CBD promotes a speedy exercise recovery by supporting a decrease in muscle pain, tension, and inflammation.

Which CBD products should I use to support my exercise recovery?

Honestly, we are confident that you’ll love any Illuminent CBD product you decide to try.  But in choosing, the main questions to ask yourself are:  Do I want a full spectrum product (containing 0.3% THC) or an isolate product (containing isolated CBD)? And… What is my preferred method of delivery?

While some athletes prefer isolate products to avoid any THC content, others swear by full spectrum, insisting that the CBD works wonders in conjunction with the THC.

Adding Illuminent CBD to your daily regiment, combined with a consistent exercise plan, a healthy diet, plenty of fluids, and proper sleep, can get you back at it, hitting your max again in no time. Give your body (and mind) a boost in performance, and take your results to the next level with Illuminent CBD!


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