Who feels like an all natural DIY CBD bath bomb?!

Busy day at work? Long exhausting week? We’ve got just the thing.  Everyone loves a good bath to relax and decompress.  There’s something about sudsy steamy water, a glass of wine, scented candles and a good book that seems to be a cure all.  Adding a DIY bath bomb to the mix really kicks the luxury feels up a notch.  And we are all about some luxury.

Unfortunately, most bath bombs on the market have chemicals and dyes in them that we would prefer not to expose our skin to.  The all natural options are anything but cheap.  So, we put together this recipe to support those of us who are balling on a budget, but still want to bliss out with some royal treatment.

To take that bliss to the next level… (cue drum-roll)

We added Illuminent CBD to the DIY bath bomb mix!

Lets be honest.  We’re all over any opportunity to maximize healing and relaxation.  And let us tell you from experience, this addition makes all the difference.  CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, returning a sense of balance to the body that promotes rest and recovery after a tense and trying day.  Combined with the Epsom salts and essential oils present in these bath bombs, CBD helps calm the body and supports a decrease in general aches, pains, muscle soreness and inflammation.  Treat yourself to a hot soak with these all-natural, D.I.Y. CBD bath bombs and feel the stress wash away.


All-Natural CBD Bath Bombs


What you’ll need



Here’s how

  1. Mix dry ingredients in a large(ish) bowl
  2. Combine wet ingredients in a small glass jar and stir
  3. Pour and whisk the wet ingredients in with the dry mixture. Pour slowly to avoid fizzing.
  4. Squeeze a handful of the mixture to make sure it sticks together. Add a bit more water if the mixture struggles to hold shape.
  5. Spoon the mixture into cupcake molds and tightly pack down. Let molds dry overnight, and enjoy your hand-made bath bombs in the morning!
  6. Drop ¼ – ½ dropper of CBD (adjust to preference) into each cupcake mold, dispersing drops evenly around each molding. (¼ dropper = 12.5 mg CBD, ½ dropper = 25 mg CBD.)  Check out this article to learn more about CBD Dosages and how to decide what is right for you!



Wondering how Illuminent CBD measures up in a saturated market?  Check out our article on CBD quality control in a booming industry. Learn how to identify the good from the bad and the ugly.

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