The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law by President Trump on the 20th of December, 2018.  This is huge, guys. Industrial Hemp and Marijuana are two SEPARATE breeds (as in they have individual hereditary profiles) of the Cannabis plant species. This new bill means that years of fighting for the legal clarification between Industrial Hemp and Marijuana are over.  Industrial Hemp has FINALLY (and permanently) been taken OFF of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). It is now 100% legal to farm, extract, utilize and sell ALL derivatives of Industrial Hemp (CBD and all other Industrial Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids) across the U.S.  (source)


What does this mean for the Hemp Industry?

  • Interstate sales of Industrial Hemp can now take place without ANY interference from the Drug Enforcement Administration.  (source)
  • An increase in willingness of federally regulated institutions (payment processing services, banks, e-commerce, advertising etc.) to engage in Industrial Hemp related business relations is expected.  (source)
  • Access to agricultural insurance policies will become available to farmers, supporting participation in USDA certifications.  (source)


We are beginning to see the effects of these industry changes in big ways.

Major Companies are putting millions of dollars into research and development of CBD and Hemp related products as a result of this shift in federal support.  In depth research and expanding CBD knowledge, as a result of wide scale acceptance of Hemp products, means greater potential for quality product, ultimately benefiting all of us out there who rely on CBD for support in our health and wellness.


But with great opportunity comes new challenges…

Legalization of the production, sales and consumption of industrial Hemp products is creating quite the boom in industry.  And while we would hope that the majority of CBD companies will maintain certain standards, education on quality product and how to recognize it is now more important than ever.


So, what’s important and why?

Know where your hemp comes from.
  • There are farms popping up all over the world offering hemp products and boasting low prices.  Unfortunately, many companies will choose to cut costs by buying their CBD oils overseas from farms that are not held to the same standards and regulations as those here in the US. Knowing that the CBD company you choose does business with hemp sources within the U.S., despite the potentially higher cost, is a clear indication of product quality and company values.
Stay on the lookout for third party laboratory testing.
  • Often times, farms growing industrial Hemp and offering CBD oil have in house testing.  While this is helpful in discerning who to do business with, third party testing is increasingly important as a means of offering a non-biased profile on the product (including CBD, THC & terpene content and purity, as well as scanning for potential pesticides, residuals and contaminants)
Be weary of white labeling.
  • In a very basic sense, this is when a farm or CBD oil source formulates a finished product that becomes available for purchase by any Joe Shmo who wants to sell CBD.  This allows for anyone to buy this product in bulk at a fixed cost, put it into individual bottles, slap a label on it that names it their own, choose a price and sell.  First of all, this promotes a major lack in custom formulation and diversity/uniqueness of product.  Second, it creates cost discrepancies within the market, ultimately washing out quality control.  Imagine two people purchasing white label product at a fixed cost from the same supplier.  Now, imagine these two individuals turn around, label and sell this product as their own.  What’s to stop one person from charging $150 for his/her product while the other charges $50?  Imagine the confusion this can create in the industry as a consumer, and the frustration experienced upon learning that (s)he is paying triple the cost for the exact same product!  Imagine how this effects consumer perspective on CBD and the CBD industry as a whole, ultimately hurting the companies out there working hard to custom formulate their own high-quality products!
Look for custom formulated products manufactured in an ISO-Certified lab.
  • Innovative CBD companies care about the originality and quality of their products.  To support these values, they will pour time, money and resources into product development.  Products are often formulated and tested in house to support quality and consistency.  An ISO-Certified lab ensures that your chosen CBD products are manufactured in sanitary conditions, with proper equipment to provide consistent results.  As you can imagine, this is not cheap, and companies that are willing to invest in an ISO-Certified lab inherently take pride in their product and proudly display the certification on their websites.


How does Illuminent CBD measure up?

Illuminent CBD strives to be a living testimony that good companies do still exist.  In saying this, we operate with integrity, transparency and innovation to deliver a truly satisfying and unique CBD experience for our customers.  Illuminent creates all CBD products using Federally Approved, American harvested, Industrial Hemp.  We take pride in using the best ingredients on the market in the development of what we believe to be the best CBD the industry has to offer.

Our raw CBD oils are triple tested (twice by our hemp source and once by the third-party laboratory of their choosing) even prior to our receiving them, at which point we personally send them out to a third-party laboratory of our choosing to ensure the quality is up to our standards.  Only then, do we feel comfortable using these materials in the custom mixing and in-house manufacturing of Illuminent CBD products.  This process is anything but cheap, however, Illuminent sees it as absolutely necessary to live up to our quality promise.

WE DO NOT COMPROMISE QUALITY!  This is why we DO NOT practice white labeling.  While many of our competitors are simply placing their labels on generic formulas manufactured by outside sources. Illuminent uses raw materials to custom develop its products in an in-house, state-of-the-art ISO-Certified Laboratory.  All of our products are custom crafted, from the bottle designs and labels to the content inside.  Again, not cheap.  But so worth it.  Our products are created from the ground up with careful attention to detail, to give our customers an honest and enjoyable CBD experience.




Feel like digging deeper into legality?

Check out this super comprehensive summary of the 2018 Farm Bill, written by Jonathan Miller here.

Or, if you’re really interested… You can read the whole bill here.


Where will the fight go next?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will maintain control over edible and topical Industrial Hemp product regulations across the U.S. This will be done in order to ensure that all industry players are meeting certain quality standards. State governments will still have the power to place regulations on their local Industrial Hemp industries.  However, they will not be able to legally stand in the way of interstate Industrial Hemp/Industrial Hemp product transportation. Since the FDA’s scientific research has concluded that CBD is, in fact, safe (and non-addictive), government officials are confident in their ability to work side by side with the FDA in support of nation-wide access to CBD, therefore supporting general health and wellness for all.  (source)


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