Got pain?

Topical CBD products for inflammation and chronic pain relief have been all the buzz lately. Health and wellness has been gaining more mainstream popularity.  With it, the quest for natural pain relief alternatives has won public attention.  Pain comes in many shapes and sizes.  Some causes are as mild as sore muscles after a gym sweat session.  Others are more serious, stemming from countless different conditions.  Regardless of the type or reason, a staggering number of adults in the US suffer with pain daily.  It’s no wonder CBD products spark public interest.  People are hungry to find methods of supporting their pain that could help decrease consumption of harsh, over-the-counter medications or dangerously addictive pharmaceuticals.  The availability of topical CBD pain relief products for localized pain, (*cough* our Illuminent CBD Pain-Roller), makes the CBD route that much more appealing.  It offers a new solution to the pain problem.


Why do people use topical CBD?


Picture this. You’re on a run.  It’s your first run of 2019. The first of your new health journey. Your first run since your last (short lived) attempt at “fit life” (10 years ago now?).  Needless to say, this is a big deal.  Look out world, here you come. About ten minutes in you’re distracted by the hottie driving by.  You end up tripping over the curb, and you guessed it… you face-plant (with about 7 witnesses). To top it off, now you’ve got swelling and a decent sprain. Now what?

A natural alternative?

A typical response to this situation might be something like… “Oh crap.  Where’s the Ibuprofen at?” Followed by a week or so of pills around the clock.  While we are (by no means) denying the power of modern medicine, isn’t a potential natural remedy worth exploring?  One that (if desired) could be used in conjunction with your standard over the counter go to…One that may ultimately reduce the need for excessive medication consumption to quiet the pain?


Will topical CBD work for me?


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 50 million (20.4%) of adults in the US report chronic pain, with about 19.6 million (8%) suffering from “high-impact chronic pain” – where pain intensity interferes with the ability to engage in necessary activities of day to day life (source).  And while accidents and injury are a common cause of pain, there countless health conditions that leave people searching for relief.


Some types of chronic pain include:

  • Lower back/sciatica pain
  • Menstrual pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Plantar fasciitis pain
  • Headache/migraine pain
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Multiple sclerosis pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) pain


Treating chronic pain

Many doctors prescribe narcotics or suggest over the counter medications when treating chronic pain.  Our hope is that you give topical CBD a shot too.  Topical CBD is applied externally to target pain areas.  The active ingredients absorb through the skin to provide localized support for pain, inflammation and irritation; potentially decreasing the need for excessive pain medication.  For those of us suffering from chronic pain, this can be a game changer.


Illuminent CBD Pain Roller


What’s the deal?

Combining 250 mg of Illuminent full spectrum CBD oil with organically grown botanicals, therapeutic grade essential oils (such as Copaiba), and just the right amount of menthol, the Illuminent Topical Pain Roller can help roll your pain away.  For external use only, our pain roller delivers targeted relief directly where it is applied.

Why full spectrum?

Illuminent Full Spectrum CBD products contain a majority of the hemp plant’s flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and cannabinoids (including trace amounts of THC within the federal guidelines of 0.3%).  These elements work together to create an “entourage effect.”  Meaning they work synergistically to provide support for a wide variety of ailments.  The entourage effect is specifically known for its ability to support chronic pain.




“I get migraines on a regular basis and chronic neck pain daily. I swear by this pain roller! Minutes after it goes on migraines and pain disappear! I seriously can’t live without this!!!”

Tanya Atkins


“The Pain Roller has been a game changer for my sciatica pain. I no longer take ibuprofen… just roll and go!”

David Hopkins


Illuminent CBD Pain-Roller has brought me out of never ending Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction pain that was completely debilitating for me. With the use of the pain-roller I am now able to do tasks that I haven’t been able to do for years.”

Britney Dixon


“After months of Cortisone shots, orthotics, stretching and icing my foot nightly… I finally found something that actually helps my Plantar Fasciitis. I rub the Pain Roller into my foot every night and the inflammation and pain level drop immediately!”

Blair Meeks


“I am so pleased with the results I feel from the Illuminent CBD pain roller.  I use it for cramping, side pain… most of all I credit this pain roller for allowing my knee to hold me up through my super busy, crazy days. Anytime my knee swells or pops I roll on CBD and my show goes on!”

Becky Nelson


“It should be named the Everything Roller. We literally use it for everything… sore muscles, bug bites (amazing on bug bites), acne, skin dermatitis, sore neck, fibro flare points, cuticles, minor scrapes, and I’m sure many I’m forgetting!”

Erika Dehoff


“After months of being bent over in pain from adenomyosis and PCOS flares and almost losing my job from calling off for migraines this baby has quite literally saved my life. Roll it on and in 10 mins I’m back in action! The best thing I never knew I needed.”

Cynthia Morrison


“I have been using only this on my torn shoulder… It works better than the topical that my doctor prescribed.  Last time I was there he asked if I wanted a refill… I pulled out my CBD topical… I’m good!”

Kim Ackerman


Give it a try!

Roll it on, rub it in, and use it as often as you’d like!

A gentle reminder for those struggling to choose between different brands of CBD… Make sure you do your research!  Check out our article on CBD quality control to learn a few simple tips to help you identify quality product, and find out how Illuminent CBD measures up!

And remember, we love connecting with you.  We get stoked reading about your journeys with Illuminent CBD.  Share your story in the comment box below!


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