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7 Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking

Did you know that your health can start improving merely hours after you have your last cigarette? Every hour, day, week, and month that you spend away from cigarettes can dramatically increase your well-being as well as your lifespan. However, quitting can be hard. Tobacco addiction is one of the hardest habits to kick, but luckily there are new and effective ways to give up cigarettes. Millions across the globe have switched to vaping and have reclaimed their health.  Let’s learn about the benefits of vaping vs smoking.

7 benefits of vaping vs smoking:

1. You Will Experience an Increase in Blood Oxygen Levels… Just Hours After You Quit

That’s right, in merely 8 hours, your body will already begin to rid itself of oxygen-robbing carbon monoxide. This is a poison that enters your body whenever you inhale tobacco smoke (and basically anything else that burns). It tends to lower your blood oxygen level, which is partly what causes smokers to be less fit than non-smokers.
When you quit, though, your body immediately begins to recover, and before long you’ll find that you can run up a flight of stairs without getting so winded.

Since vaping doesn’t increase the levels of carbon monoxide in your body, your blood’s ability to carry oxygen will improve rapidly even if you’ve swapped your cigarettes for a vape.

2. You Can Actually Smell and Taste Stuff Again

If you’ve been smoking a long time, you may not have realized how much your sense of smell and taste have been affected. Because smoking can dull these senses, you might quickly find yourself enjoying food more when you quit. You can stop and smell the roses again…and not just figuratively.

This increase in your nose’s sensitivity will begin just a day or two after your last smoke and will improve from there.

3. Your Lungs Will Begin to Remove All the Crud

Within just a few days, your lungs will begin to clean themselves. There are little brush-like structures in your lungs called cilia. In healthy lungs, these help clean mucus and other debris. When you smoke, though, the cilia become less mobile and can’t do their job as effectively. It doesn’t take long for them to recover after your last cigarette, though.

Unlike smoking tobacco, vaping won’t clog up your lungs like this. Pretty soon after switching to a vape, you’ll probably find it a lot easier to breathe.

4. Your Hacking, Coughing, and Wheezing Will Be Gone

As mentioned, people who have been smoking regularly for extended periods of time will tend to have mucus and other junk build up in their lungs. Their lungs will also be less efficient at cleaning it all out, and this often results in an unattractive cough. How else are you lungs supposed to clean themselves, after all?

After a few months tobacco-free, though, most of this crud will have been cleared out and your lungs will be in better working order. This means you’ll be much less prone to coughing fits and you’ll be able to take in more air with each breath.

5) You Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Smoking increases your risk of blood clots—and with that, comes an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. As you can see, tobacco harms your body in many different ways.

The good news is that just five years after you stop smoking, you will have halved your risk of a heart attack.

6. Much Lower Risk of Lung Cancer

Vaping doesn’t damage your lungs the way smoking does. Once you’ve quit smoking for about a decade, your chances of getting lung cancer to become dramatically lower. It will be about a half of what it was while you were puffing away on those coffin nails.

7. No More Second-Hand Smoke

Finally, people might push you to quit for your own sake, but you have to remember that nobody lives on an isolated planet (currently). Cigarette smoke can be extremely harmful to the people around you who don’t smoke and can even increase the risk of lung cancer in your pets.

Vape clouds don’t pose this kind of threat to your animals and other loved ones. The longer you stay away from cigarettes, the safer those around you will be.

As you can see, the benefits of vaping vs smoking are numerous. Illuminent is here to provide you with the highest quality vaping products to make the switch to a healthier way of life. Get started by viewing our full line of premium e-liquids and vaping hardware.

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