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6 Self-Care Tips to Compliment Your CBD and Live Your Best Life

You bought your CBD

Let us congratulate you on taking a massive step forward on your health and wellness journey.

We have seen CBD change lives.

We’re excited that the movement back to natural remedies and holistic alternatives is spreading!  That being said, CBD is only one puzzle piece that creates the greater image of your healthy life.  Remember!  CBD does promote a healthy mind and body.  And also, it never hurts to offer a helping hand!  It would be silly to expect a drastic shift in health without upgrading some basic daily self-care habits.  Small shifts make all the difference optimizing the effects of your new CBD.  A holistic approach to wellness must come from a WHOListic (as in whole person) perspective.  Aligning your intention for taking CBD (aka general health and well-being) with your daily self-care will move you towards truly holistic mind body spirit wellness.  Only then will CBD live up to its true potential.


First of all, how exactly does this CBD stuff work?


CBD: What’s the deal?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, a chemical compound found in the industrial Hemp plant. CBD offers the health benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychoactive effects experienced with THC rich strains of marijuana.  CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to maintain homeostasis within the body.


The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) & Homeostasis…

The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is one of the body’s most vital systems, assisting in communication within the body to maintain internal homeostasis (or balance).  In the most basic sense, the ECS is made up of a series of receptors throughout the brain and body. These receptors bind with endogenous (internal) cannabinoid compounds, and play a major role in regulating internal bodily systems, managing mood stability and maintaining overall mind body spirit well-being.

Endogenous vs Exogenous Cannabinoids…

The body naturally has endogenous (internal) cannabinoids that bind with ECS receptors to support homeostasis in the body.  Unfortunately, many people suffer from endogenous cannabinoid deficiencies.  We live in a fast-paced world with endless external stimuli, resulting in the constant need to be brought back to an internal baseline.  Our bodies need conscious support to handle the level of stress and strain we put ourselves through on a daily basis.  This is where exogenous cannabinoids come in… By supplementing our ECS with exogenous cannabinoids like CBD, we can support the body in maintaining homeostasis in a sustainable and holistic way.


What else can I do to optimize the effects of my CBD?

Self-care is quite the buzz word lately.  And for good reason.  In a world so demanding, it’s deeply important to take time daily to return to ourselves and make sure our needs are being met.  If we don’t do it, who will?

Ask yourself:

What did I do to take care of my mind today? Did I show up to take care of my body today?  And how am I supporting my spirit today?  Mental, emotional and physical health are three separate entities, yet they are so intertwined.  Conscious, committed and consistent care of all three is the key to you getting out there and living your best life.


6 Self-Care habits to compliment your CBD and maximize results

YOU time!

  • Make time to tune out, drop in, and connect with you! Life can get pretty noisy. It’s easy to lose sight of self when you’re so busy meeting deadlines.  And yes, a full life is a happy life!  That said, without time to re-center and re-connect, it’s easy to lose sight of where you want to go.  Lack of direction and purpose can be deeply detrimental to mental health and emotional well-being.  Give yourself the space you need to remember your purpose, to reflect on your progress, and to create goals and plans that will move you closer to your dreams.  Our personal favorite way to relax and re-connect is in a steamy bath with our D.I.Y. all natural CBD bath bombs!

Friends & Family

  • It’s true. Adding CBD to your routine has a tendency to promote a sense of well-being.  So does making time to hang with the ones you love!  Remember, all work and no play is enough to bum anyone out.  Taking CBD can offer those feelings of ease and relaxation.  But, it can’t take the place of authentic human connection.  Pull out your calendar and get some dates on there!  Who said self-care can’t be fun?

Meditation & Mindfulness

  • The hustle and bustle of the daily grind can be overwhelming. For many, stressed has become less of a feeling and more of a lifestyle.  Taking your CBD daily is a step towards neutralizing all that stress.  Still, it’s good to have extra self-care tools in your toolbox!  Thankfully, there are ways of utilizing self-care to calm the nervous system and bring the mind and body back to baseline, starting with your breath.  Using the breath as a way back to the present moment tends to release stress and tension, promoting a sense of peace and serenity.  Some prefer the traditional forms of breathing meditation.  Others connect with the more casual self-care practice of mindfulness (increasing awareness of your surroundings, your breath, and practicing presence).  Whatever method you choose, practice it consistently!  In our experience, the results are tangible.  Combine that self-care practice with your daily dose of CBD, and bring on the mellow.


  • Adding CBD to your daily routine was a choice. Now, we are going to assume that you made this choice to improve quality of life and your general health and wellness.  With that intention in mind, doesn’t it absolutely make sense to make similar self-care choices around nutrition?  Many people associate food strictly with physical health.  It’s important to understand that what you feed yourself is a self-care choice that effects your mental and emotional health as well.  Nutrition impacts your energy, your mood, your immune system, and even your self-esteem.  There’s that interconnected-ness of mind body spirit we’ve been talking about.  The idea is to prioritize nutrition as a self-care concept (in addition to CBD).  And let us just be clear… We’re not talking “eat strictly salads or go all vegan” here.  In our experience, these kinds of extremes can be self-defeating.   Instead, focus on baby steps and gentle shifts.  Check out our blueberry CBD smoothie for some recipe inspo! Pay attention and follow what feels good in that holistic, whole person kind of way.  Find your flow and let it move you.


  • Taking your CBD is going to promote a sense of peace and calm. But there are self-care behaviors that boost your mental and emotional state as well.  Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, giving you those feel good vibes.  Why not implement this self-care habit with your daily CBD and get 2X the results?  And we aren’t talking about “hours upon hours at the gym” type of exercise… unless, of course, you’re into that (and if you are then check out our blog post on CBD and exercise recovery).  Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling and dreadful.  Exercise can be grounding and enjoyable.  Head outside for a little hike with the pup or a sunset beach walk with some friends.  Even things as simple as choosing to park farther away from the grocery store entrance count. Whatever it takes to get moving!

Sleep & Rest

  • Many people struggle falling/staying asleep.  And let’s face it, everything suffers after a terrible night’s rest.  A nightly dose of CBD can be a lifesaver.  Why not compliment your CBD with some basic zZz’s boosting self-care habits?  The body runs on an internal clock that works best with consistency.  Yes, consistency applies to your CBD.  Consistency also applies to a sleep schedule!  If you know you need to be in bed by 10 PM to get your solid 8 hours, ease off the caffeine by 3-4 PM.  Try designating an hour before bed to decompress.  Remind your body it’s bedtime! If you’re interested in more sleep and CBD tips and tricks, check out our blog post here.


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