7 ways to Reduce Pet Stress This 4th of July


While the 4th of July is a time of celebration for us humans, it can be a time of high stress for your pets.  The empty homes, the parties and crowds, and of course the loud booming of fireworks can really overwhelm our four-legged friends.  Nothing is worse than seeing these little guys startled and nervously pacing the living room.  So we wanted to offer some tips and tricks on how to reduce your pet’s stress this 4th of July.

Supporting Your Pet on The 4th of July

For all those pets out there that struggle on the 4th, let’s talk damage control.  Loud noises scare most pets.  This can apply on any day of the year; however, the 4th of July tends to be an extreme example.  Pet behavior can become panicky and erratic when afraid, often leading to them getting loose and potentially lost.  A stressed pet wandering around town is a recipe for disaster.  So here are some tips to avoid it…

Keep your pet in a quiet, dimly lit room

  • Bright lights and lots of noise can intensify the already intense feelings of stress.  Keeping your furry friends someplace that feels calm will sooth their nerves. Make sure that doors and windows are secured, wherever you decide to keep them. This way, in the case of a panicky moment, you can rest easy knowing that your pet can’t escape.

Use a crate

  • If your pet is crate trained, keep them in their crate.  Most pets that have been crate trained see this space as safe and secure.  They will be grateful to use it during times like these.  We suggest leaving the door open and leaving your pets the option to come and go as they please.


  • There’s a wide variety of pet CBD products on the market that could help reduce stress for your pets.  CBD is often used to promote a sense of calm and well-being.  It can even help promote restful sleep.  Chances are, your furry friends could even sleep right through all the ruckus!  At the very least, they might feel a bit more relaxed while they wait out the storm.

Calming music

  • Music is a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation in humans.  It only makes sense that it can work for your four-legged friends too!  Try putting an ambient playlist on low to help your pet breathe easier.  This will also help drown out external noise. Two for one!

Chew toy

  • Give your buds a chew toy!  This will help distract them, and keep their focus elsewhere.  The less attention they pay to stress causing noises the better.

ID tags

  • Make sure your pets have ID tags with correct contact info.  This will ensure that, in the case of an emergency, they are returned safe and sound!


  • If you know your pets struggle on the 4th, it might be worth a chat with the vet.  Chances are they will have some additional options for you that could be helpful.  While standard calming techniques may work for some pets, others might need a little extra love. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions and exploring options for those extra nervous little guys! Our motto is, if it keeps them safe, we’re all happy!


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